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Driven to Drink

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By tamaleknight
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9 Sanic Memes That are Better Than Recent Sonic Games

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Gotta Finish Him Fast

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By Unknown

Shhh... It's a Secret to Everybody

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Her Priorities Are Definitely in Order


I Got You, Bud

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Self-Aware Amy

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To All Those Who Doubt That Sonic Has the Worst Fandom in the Universe, Watch This

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Sonic Has Cooled Down a Little

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Amy Has Good Taste After All

amy sonic the hedgehog sonic - 8544762624
By Travis_Touchdown

Shadow Has a Soft Side

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gotta go fast mario Video sonic - 73154561

Mario Doesn't Fare Too Well in Sonic Games...

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Sonic the Hedgehog Made in the Unreal Engine Allows You to Go Faster Than Ever Before

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Just GO FAST!!!

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Sonic's Career in One GIF

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That's No Sonic

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