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Nintendo Finally Sells 10 Million Wii U Consoles

10 million Wii U consoles are sold.
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Check Out StarFox Zero's Gamepad Heavy Gameplay

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Who's Bad?

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By Travis_Touchdown
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Another Day, Another Dad Reenacting Super Smash Bros. Wii U Taunts

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When That Wii Menu Music Come on in the Club

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Bayonetta is a Fox

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Next-Gen Technology

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Talking Consoles React to Wii U

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Collect Them All!

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If Nintendo Character's Had Bayonetta's Proportions

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"Wii U Has No Games," They Said

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Console Wars These Days


Much Better!

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It's Good to Know These Things in Advance

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By Nintendood

Secret Luigi for U

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Meme Run is an Actual Game on Wii U's eShop

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