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Ridley Amiibo Confirmed!

ridley wii U amiibo - 8374975744
By CriminalScrub
super smash bros wii U easter eggs Video nintendo palutena Video Game Coverage - 66023937

See What Palutena and Company Have to Say About Every Character in Smash Bros.

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Nintendo Has One Surefire Way to Get Sales

SpongeBob SquarePants super smash bros wii U - 8361178880
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Another Console Player Finally Enters the Fight

console wars consoles wii U - 8360084736
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The Best Game for Wii U is Also the Most Controversial

bayonetta 2 wii U nintendo - 8347420928
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Super Smash Bros Finally Gets a Wii U Release Date

super smash bros wii U Video Video Game Coverage - 8340476672
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Hideki Kamiya Owns a Fanboy

bayonetta 2 nintendo wii U twitter - 8338562048
By Travis_Touchdown

The Wait Feels Like an Eternity

3DS Memes super smash bros wii U - 8338060800
By .Rumor

This is the Special Edition Wii U Everyone is Waiting For...

wii U fanmade video games majoras mask zelda nintendo - 8335123712
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What About a Smash Game With an All Female Cast?

nintendo fanmade females super smash bros wii U - 8332035072
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Bayonetta 2 Graphics Comparison

bayonetta 2 nintendo wii U - 8312422400
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WiiStation U Confirmed!

playstation wii U Sony wat - 8307580160
By Unknown

My Wallet is Not Ready

nintendo Team Fortress 2 wii U - 8306242048
By XicoFelipe

Quite Possibly the Best Miiverse Post Ever

Miiverse console wars wii U PlayStation 4 xbox one - 8284861184
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The Only Feature Missing From Splatoon

wii U hats splatoon nintendo - 8283816960
By Travis_Touchdown
Miiverse messages wii U Video - 63163905

Miiverse is Truly a Wonderfuly Place

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