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16 Nintendo Memes That'll Give You A Wii Chuckle

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Nintendo Patents a New Controller

Via Rösti

Players Officially Managed to Mod Goku Into Smash Bros. Wii U

Via Super Mega Buster 123 Win64 Gigabyte

Waiting for Nintendo NX

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By IgorRinssen

Someone Hear a Firetruck?

wii U puns - 8751607296
By Luchabro
review wii U devils third zero punctuation Video - 77657089

Devil's Third is a Poor Man's Metal Gear Solid

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New Sanic DLC

super smash bros wii U DLC sonic - 8595103744
By AquaShldEXE (Via sonic_hedgehog)
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The Mario Kart 8 PC Port is Getting There

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Which is a Better Way to Spend $300?

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By Dundore77
wii U devils third Video - 76498689

Devil's Third Direct: A Message from Itagaki

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Another Great Year for Wii U!

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By Travis_Touchdown
wii U legend of zelda Video nintendo - 75831809

If You Slow Down the Zelda U Footage From Yesterday to 1/3 Speed, You Almost Have Enough Time to Look at It

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These Would Literally Print Money


Nikki Has the Right Idea

Miiverse wii U mario - 6847855872
Via Miiverse

Only On the Nintendo Waif U

nintendo waifu wii U hyrule warriors - 8243923456
Via kotor

If Nintendo Still Had Rare

nintendo wii U rare - 7975488000
By xamoel
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