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My Wii U is Collecting Dust

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A Different Version of Far Cry 4 is Coming to Wii U

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Club Ninendo Rewards are Here!

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Hyrule Warriors in a Nutshell

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By Travis_Touchdown

Scumbag Mario Kart 8

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Wii U Has No Games

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Mario Kart 8 Toys Coming to McDonalds

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Devil's Third is Raising My Third Leg

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The Legend of... ZELDA?

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By Deku

Gimme, Gimme, Gimme

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The Internet Works Fast

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Zelda for Wii U is the Zelda Game We've Been Waiting For

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Seems to Be What Everyone is Talking About Nowadays

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If You Could Read You Might Have Posted This Correctly

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Dust Off Your Old GameCube Controllers, There's an Adapter for Wii U

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We've All Been There: Just Remember Only Winners Get Hit With Blue Shells

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