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Young People Discuss The Importance of Intergenerational Friendships

So many people are weird about age. We've got 20-year-olds telling 25-year-olds that they “look good for their age.” Middle-aged people are catastrophizing about young people killing various industries. Twenty-somethings claim that a 26-year-old dating a 38-year-old is a predatory age gap. If you're spending too much time online, it might seem like nobody knows how to be normal about age. Luckily, the internet is not the real world. In the real world, it is not looked negatively upon to have me…
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Weekly Internet Roundup: Celebrity Charity Auctions, Tube Girl, and Paying for Twitter

More stuff happening online this week.
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New Yorker Complains About 9 Minute Subway Waiting Time, Sparks Debate About US Public Transit

So much could be better
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Vigilant Woman Faces Criticism for Protecting Drunk Friend From Sleazeball, Receives Backup From Twitter

She did the right thing
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20 Iconic Posts From The Depths of Reddit

Take a splash
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Woman Coins The 'What About Me' Effect, Explaining Why Internet Commenters are so Narcissistic

"This doesn't encapsulate my experience, so it must be bad."
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Quirked Up TikToker Gives Tour of Wacky Room, Prompts Extreme Reactions

One of a kind
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19-Year-Old College Student Astounds Internet Revealing the Massive Quantities of Food He Eats in a Day

A bottomless pit
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25+ Memes For The Crack of Dawn

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Entitled Influencer Complains When Pedestrians Walk in Front of Her Filming on a Busy Train Platform

It's their space too
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Celebrity Charity Auction in Support of SAG-AFTRA Strike Spawns Meme of Peoples' Fake Dream Bids

Experiences worth paying for
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Funny Memes And Tweets For Sitting Around And Scrolling

Take a sit
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Scorned Twitter Users Share the Times They Realized That a Friend Hated Them

People who can't be trusted
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Millennial Party Hosts Showcase Wet Vacuum Cleaner, Excite 30-Somethings on Twitter

Now THIS is living
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30+ Memes You Can Grow Into

They'll last at least a year
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Dude Spends $100 on Paltry Amount of Groceries, Gets Roasted For Buying Pre-Cut Fruit and Name Brand Cereal

Grocery shopping is not easy these days. Inflation is high, and the prices just aren't what they were two or three years ago. You have to be so strategic to get more bang for your buck, and even when you're careful, you still end up spending a fortune. My local grocery store has it's perks. I can get a box of pasta for $1.99, which is nice. However, there is only one brand of pasta sauce that isn't $11 dollars a pop! I am so loyal to that $4.99 pasta sauce, it's like I'm married to it. Buying s…
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