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Under-The-Table Memes To Keep On The DL

Hey man, you're pretty trustworthy; can I tell you a little secret? I've got 28 immaculately crafted memes lying just below this message. I know that you can handle them. Don't go around telling everybody about these memes. I'm serious! I'm definitely not using any reverse psychology as we speak. You better not share this perfectly curated list of memes to your Facebook feed or send it to your most active groupchat. You're going to be really sorry if you tell your coworkers or your family about…
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A compilation of funny and random memes and tweets

Memes and Tweets To Tickle Your Fancy

Where does a meme end and a tweet begin? Can tweets be memes? Can a trend that originated on Twitter transcend to become something beyond what mere memes can encapsulate? These are questions that I simply can't and won't answer. Just because I'm here does not make me a confident meme expert. I am just a dum-dum whose brain is fueled by exorbitant amounts of Diet Mountain Dew at press time. The one thing I do know is that I am not going to quit Twitter . I've been on that godforsaken website sin…
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People Debate the Pros and Cons of Meal Prep

I know I can't be the only person who has been seeing people virtue-signaling their healthy routines online. The number of times I've watched videos or seen photos of people meal-prepping or organizing their vegetables has become ridiculous. As much as I'd like to be someone who can set and forget their meals for the week, as someone who actually gives a sh*t about what I eat, the idea of meal prep has always grossed me out. Those stacked Tupperwares of pallid chicken and bland-looking brown ri…
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Neckbeard Reveals He Never Washes Ramen Bowl, Horrifies the Internet

Are you familiar with the concept of seasoning cast iron cookware? The intention behind the process, which is essentially baking oil into the cookware, is to make it a nonstick surface and to help protect it from rusting. People are pretty intense about their cast iron, which probably explains all the memes against washing the cookware in a dishwasher or (gasp!) using soap. Contrary to what some may believe or tout on the Internet, it's OK to use a little soap on cast iron, as long as you reple…
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People Lament (And Defend) the 'Forced Switch' From Wired to Bluetooth Headphones

As technology progresses over the years, there always seems to be a number of people stomping their feet in protest. When I was younger, I would always dismiss these people as Luddites - until Apple took away our precious headphone jack back in 2017. For about two or three years, playing music from an iPhone got a bit more complicated. IPhone users were forced to buy dongles, and impromptu DJ sessions at friends' houses or at bars involved a frantic search for these adaptors. It was frustrating…
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Random funny tweets

Tasty Tweets Without the Drama of Logging In to Twitter

Twitter has almost always been a controversial zone. Over the past few years, it feels like it's gotten…worse. Worse in the sense that there are more people on the site spewing hot takes and stupid sentiments. It's also worse because Donald Trump isn't around to spice things up. Yeah, we said it. Lately, however, the site has been embroiled with a little extra drama. This has a lot to do with Elon Musk's acquisition of the ‘Bird app.’
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Twitter Reacts To Hogwarts Legacy's Predictably Named Trans Character 'Sirona Ryan'

Do any minorities in the wizarding world have normal names?
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Music twitter fleetwood mac dreams doja cat raunchy funny - 1993735

Doja Cat's Raunchy Version of Fleetwood Mac's 'Dreams' Actually Slaps

She does a pretty good Stevie Nicks.
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38 Memes For Inquiring Minds

Inquiring minds would like to know, how has your 2023 been thus far? It's wild to think that we have arrived in February, but I think many of us hope these first three months of the year pass as quickly as possible. After all, it's hard to live your best life when it is 10 degrees Fahrenheit outside on a Friday night. Luckily for me, I am obsessed with this time of the year. I feel like it is much easier for me to change my bad habits during January and February than it is to do so in the summe…
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Horrible Professor Deducts 'Lateness' Points From Paper Submitted On Time

Let's be real: College sucks for a lot of reasons. The “Freshman Fifteen,” midterms and finals, essays that take you a million years to write and rewrite, only to rewrite again. I hated it all. But dealing with haughty, self-important professors may have been the absolute worst. I remember at University of Toronto, I had a professor who only assigned books he had written. This is a sure sign of a narcissist and someone who cares far more about their reputation and book sales than they do about…
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Standup Comedian Accidentally Falls Off The Stage, Fall is Way Funnier Than Any of His Jokes

People who don't go to standup shows think that standup comedy is an incredibly cool art form. These fools believe that only the most hilarious and intelligent people can do standup, and anybody who does it must be a comedic genius. Luckily for them, they are 100% incorrect! Standup comedy shows are breeding grounds for humiliation and failure. Most of the people who do standup are not very good at it. If you ever want a surefire way to feel good about yourself, go to an open mic in a midsized…
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Dude Floats Ingenious Way of Cutting Down Time Spent in Work Meetings

Time is money
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Wildest Posts From the Depths of Social Media (January 5, 2023)

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Funny  tweets from parents about the lies they tell their children

'It is spicy': Funniest Self-Serving Lies Parents Tell Their Children

Lying is bad. At least that's what they tell you from a young age. But as controversial as it may sound, sometimes lies are necessary - even from the people who are supposed to teach kids right from wrong. You see, parenting is difficult. You've got these annoying critters hanging around 24/7, and they always seem to want things that are either bad for them or prevent you from having a good time. The thing is, they've got some pretty malleable brains. They're still learning about how the world…
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Funny tweets, random tweets, relatable tweets about having ADHD

Random Tweets From the Minds of Twitter

Happy November, y'all. October was kind of a month. I'm sure a lot of stuff happened, but it's already a blur. Kanye West was Kanye West-ing, Elon Musk brought a damn sink into Twitter HQ , and Halloween happened for what felt like a week straight. Those events are enough on their own, but we're definitely missing a lot. One thing we're not forgetting is the wealth of hilarious, weird, and relatable tweets shot into the world by people who probably spend way too much time on the internet. In fa…
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Satisfying Times People Got Owned By Clever Comebacks

Got 'em
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