Guy's 'Aunt' Tries To Scam Him Over Facebook So He Whips Out Some Grade-A Trolling | Hello are doing? Hey Aunt Christine doing well thank is everyone doing there can now call each other and see information like Active Status and read messages. Doing wonderfully great. Hope everything is going on fine with Yep can't complain stationed San Diego. My wife and kids are back Va Okay. Good hear. Ahh ok heeere we go

Guy's 'Aunt' Tries To Scam Him Over Facebook So He Whips Out Some Grade-A Trolling

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Funny moments of James Fridman trolling | Greg> James Fridman < Hi James, will make look like bad police are on their way. boy? NO SUNGLASSES NO FANNY PACKS NO TATTOOS NO MUSTACHE

Classic Photoshop Trolls From The Expert James Fridman

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Funny rickroll meme where you have to say the opposite of six words that turns out to be "never gonna give you up" | Say the opposite of these words: 1 )Always. 2)Coming. 3)From. 4)Take. 5)Me. 6)Down. *2008 teens*
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Funny video where a son edits the end of Toy Story 3 so that it shows the toys dying, and then shows it to him mom as a prank

Kid Pranks His Mom By Giving 'Toy Story 3' A Morbid Ending

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Funny video showing a crane operator trolling a guy trying to sunbathe by moving the crane's shadow over him

Crane Operator Trolls Guy Trying To Sunbathe

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Funny Twitter thread where people talk about making hard-boiled eggs for the ball inside the mouse in the '90s | Marina Ayano K @even_kei Kids these days will never know hardships each week having overcook fresh hardboiled egg yolk computer mouse 10:18 AM 5/21/20 Twitter Web App

Oddly Specific Twitter Troll About Boiled Eggs Is A Flashback From The '90s

'90s kids are really showing their age here!
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Funny video of a guy imitating David Attenborough's narration of a construction site

Dude Impersonates David Attenborough, Narrates A Construction Site

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Funny Twitter meme about a guy who made a Zoom background of him walking in on himself in a meeting
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Crazy tweet comparing the word karen to the n-word, slurs, manager, john mulaney, viral tweets | EmillySwaven @EmillySwaven Yes K-word is stronger than n-word, at least currently. Misogyny and patriarchy has been around longer than slavery. Just don't use either, ok? dear millenials: Stop saying Karen "Karen" is sexist and racist term equivalent n-word white women. Calling woman "Karen" is an attempt get rid women's right stand up themselves. 4:02 PM 4/19/20 Twitter iPhone |  Kyle e @KylePlantEm

Heinous Tweet Claims 'Karen' Is A Slur, Enrages Twitter

Enough already.
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Funny memes that mock Joe Biden's presidential campaign called '"I'm on Team Joe" | ON TEAM JOE GOT HAIRY LEGS kids used rub my leg BIDEN PRESIDENT Text JOE 30330 Create own at Biden L Data Rates Hay ApTet HELP forInfo. Teat STOP opt eut No purchase necessary

Joe Biden Gets Trolled With His Cringey 'I'm On Team Joe' Campaign

Poor ol' Joe.
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Funny guy trolls scammer with Nickelback lyrics | why am texting help. Oh my bad this time mistaken will reimburse back money. Thanks! Yes thanks always love remind Ok l'll use Apple Pay Okay thanks waiting on here. Wow yes must have been so bad Anyway which building are Am conference meeting Yes but which room and can bring them Checking out soon Scratch-off back code and Text Message Pay

Prankster Trolls Text Scammer With Nickelback Lyrics

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Mozart You Sly Dog

Funny meme about how Mozart composed a piece just to troll a performer he didn't like | Mozart disliked a performer named adriana so knowing her tendency to drop her chin on low notes and throw back her head on high notes Mozart wrote a song
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Funny anti-peta memes, eric andre, steve irwin, funny memes, peta, peta memes | eraser REALLY BIG MISTAKES PETA REALLY BIG MISTAKES | eric andre shooting hannibal Person - PETA Animals "Animals are entitled be left alone"

17 Scathing Anti-PETA Memes For Anyone In The Resistance

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Hell Yeah

Funny tweet where woman says she changed the word "no" in her mom's phone to autocorrect to "HELL YEAH" | can I have some people over to drink a little? umm hell yeah?? awesome i meant to say hell yeah you da bomb hell yeah rebecca!
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Funny screenshots from a website called "Dating Mark," which was made by a guy named Mark who is looking for a date | billboard Date Mark This could be sign been waiting Visit Facts and Stats Height 6ft Length index finger 6.82cm Friends 2 Eye colour 4e4f5f Location Sheffield Shoe size 10 Number Girls Kissed Over 3

Dude Advertises Himself On A Billboard In Order To Get A Date

Mark, we're rooting for you.
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funny comments on the facebook post of an anti-vaxxer mother asking for advice on how to prevent her child from getting measles | Natural Health Anti- Vaxx Community-Plooking recommendations. My 3 year old is not vaccinated and there is currently measles outbreak my state. Any suggestions precautions can take protect her would be very much appreciated. She's 3 years old..never been vaccinated anything? Well middle aged she's lived good life Frank's hot sauce

Anti-Vaxx Mom Trolled In Facebook Comments

Good luck, lady.
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