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30 Times Lads on the Internet Were Delightfully Mad

Babe, the lads are mad again
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Crypto Schemer Clowned For Bragging About Buying a $7k Lighter

We knew that the pump-and-dump schemers of the crypto world were stupid – but sometimes we're still flabbergasted by the idiocy they display on a regular basis on public forums such as Twitter. This week, the crypto grindset bro that most, well, ground our gears was a certain Gavin Mayo (@EarnMayo), who got roasted to a crisp by users of the bird app. See, he thought it would be impressive to share a video of a lighter he had dropped an insane $7k on. “I spent $7000 on a lighter today. We are n…
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Highly Entertaining Thread Discusses What to Place on the Surface Mars Just to Troll NASA Scientists

Philip K. Dick, eat your heart out
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funny twitter, twitter, funny, funny tweets, neighbors, gossip, complaints, fail, trolling | wild tofurky @eeyikes s/o to the lady on my NextDoor who posted an appeal for volunteers to come serve as wait staff at her family's Thanksgiving dinner | I would love to have a Trump and Cruz sign in my yard. where do we get them???? Ryan—za Round Rock West • 38m ago Jim Crowe's campaign office has some. Tina Round Rock West 38m ago Where is that?? Rock West • 37m ago 1950 Segregation St. Round Rock Wes

Funny and Petty Things Neighbors Posted On 'Nextdoor'

These people have a lot of time on their hands
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Unfunny Anti-Memes for People Who Want to Watch the World Burn

What is an “anti-meme?" It is a meme that looks like a meme, walks like a meme, talks like a meme, and maybe even smells like a meme, but has been stripped of its joke.
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Ignorant People Who Don't Understand Human Anatomy

We're doomed as a species.
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Funny questions on Amazon product page for cat carrier featuring cat with makeup

Amazon Shoppers Have a Field Day With Cat Carrier's Ridiculously Photoshopped Product Image

Shopping on Amazon can be tricky for a multitude of reasons. The most glaring being that Jeff Bezos' online shopping giant is known for its cruel treatment of its employees, and for putting small businesses, well, out of business. Another issue I've had is the sheer volume of fake reviews for cheap, poor-quality products hailing from China. Many of these products misrepresent themselves, and they're often ineligible for refunds. Always read the fine print. Though sifting through reviews and scr…
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Satisfying Times Clever People Trolled Phone Scammers

Ideas to use next time someone calls about your extended warranty
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A Nostalgic Compilation of Memes From 10-20 Years Ago

Nostalgic Vintage Memes That Bring Back The 2000s

Do you remember your first experience with memes ? I fondly remember surfing through image macro websites as a kid, finding the best Bad Luck Brian and Unhelpful High School Teacher memes the internet had to offer. These days, memes move quickly. It's common for a meme to have one day of glory before it falls back into obscurity, unlikely to be circulated again. However, the memes of yore lasted. It was common for singular meme formats to spread for years without dipping in relevancy. It's inte…
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Martin Scorsese's Daughter Confirms That Her Dad Is in on the Joke With "Goncharov"

The lie continues
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Tumblr Causes Chaos With Fake Scorsese Movie "Goncharov"

It's a classic
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Article Recapping Viral Twitter Thread Where Entrepreneur Told Teens To Knock On Strangers Doors For Career Advice

Entrepreneur Tells Teens to Knock on Rich Stranger's Doors to Advance Their Careers

Career advice can go wrong so quickly. On the one hand, there's your grandpa telling you to go to the office of your local Fortune 500 company, give the desk receptionist a firm handshake, and as for a job. On the other hand, LinkedIn influencers are infiltrating all corners of social media, giving inspirational speeches about how with a little bit of elbow grease, anyone has the potential to be mistreated by their boss. This case is a strange combination of the two; it's where boomer and influ…
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Stubborn Dude Makes Hobby Out of Refusing to Pay Account Closure Fee

When faced with annoying hidden fees lurking in the “terms of service” section of every account contract, most people will just begrudgingly pay the damn $50 and move on with their lives. But a small percentage of impressively spiteful people refuse to let them win. u/fredsam25 is just one example of the sort of person who will go well out of their way just to stick it to the man , even if it takes several years.
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Funny trolling thread, flat earth society, @canceric, video game screenshot.

Dude Trolls Flat Earthers With A Video Game Screenshot & Proves They'll Believe Anything

When Twitter user @canceric found himself accepted by a Flat Earth Facebook page, he couldn't resist having fun with its members. The PUBG player decided to take a screenshot while playing the game and posted it to the group as though it were a photo of the Black Sea. He specifically notes the lack of curvature and the Flat Earthers took the bait from there.
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Witty Wisecracks That Are Technically the Truth

No, no...they've got a point
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Funny fake customer service trolling on facebook | Visitor Posts Argos 8 mins FFS BEEN ON HOLD AGES CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP Like Comment Share Argos Customer Support Yes sure caps lock key is one above 'shift' and 'ctrl Hope this helps. 2 mins Like Reply More

Delightful Times People Were Trolled By 'Customer Service'

We love anyone willing to troll , roast, or deceive people on the internet - as long as they steer clear of bullying. This kind of mischief is pretty much all we have in the prank zone now that so many people are cooped up inside. One of the best trolls of all time, that fake Customer Service account, was actually run by UK comedian The Amazing Troll-Man . He'd troll some pretty obnoxious people by changing their account's profile photo to whatever business the poor sucker was trying to tear ap…
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