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Fake Rumor Of Elon Musk's Death Sparks Spicy Twitter Memes

No, he is not dead
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people trolling the internet | 200,000ft 180,000ft 160,000ft 140,000ft 120,000ft 100,000ft Average commercial airline altitude 80,000ft 60,000ft Mt Everest 40,000ft 20,000ft 21 kiloton Nagasaki Japan, 1945 Japan, 1945 15 kiloton 1 megaton 15 megaton Licorne Castle Bravo France, 1970 USA, 1951 50 megaton Tsar Bomb Russia, 1961 Hiroshima 1.462 Punkte 15 Std. Mt Everest biggest tragedy all Antworten 942 Punkte 15 Std kind sick fuck just drops mountain on someone Antworten | Have ever noticed all in

35 People Mercilessly Trolling The Internet

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Funny text message conversation between a boss and an employee | dont even know Fine then prove this isn't Alex Send selfie. Excuse Im not sending anything Just do Oh my god know this is

Boss Trolled For Trying To Make Employee Work On Day Off

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Funny moms, troll moms, texting with moms, parenting, mom memes | Details Mom Messages Crystal CLEAR/CLAIR Cristal KUST-OLEUM NeverWet OUTDOOR FABRIC TISSUS D'EXTERIEUR Ok Like girlfriend Lol | owlmylove: charlottelabouff: Remember temporarily blind and my mom took shopping but got lost parking lot and ended up confused and hole and she just took pictures instead helping

Amusing Times Moms Were Merciless Trolls

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funny twitter, twitter, funny, funny tweets, neighbors, gossip, complaints, fail, trolling | wild tofurky @eeyikes s/o to the lady on my NextDoor who posted an appeal for volunteers to come serve as wait staff at her family's Thanksgiving dinner | I would love to have a Trump and Cruz sign in my yard. where do we get them???? Ryan—za Round Rock West • 38m ago Jim Crowe's campaign office has some. Tina Round Rock West 38m ago Where is that?? Rock West • 37m ago 1950 Segregation St. Round Rock Wes

Hilariously Petty Things Neighbors Posted On 'Nextdoor'

These people have a lot of time on their hands
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Funny memes about Instagram | Women on Instagram be like got new shoes The Simpsons | Cmon Vanessa, DIG DEEP wanna work 9-5 job or post pics ass on Instagram imematie ini gym fitness trainer

17 Trollish Instagram Memes That Make Fun Of All The BS

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Funny meme that implies people who can lift 100kg steel are stronger than people who can lift 100kg of feathers
Via u/PussWhole
Funny memes and pictures of Burger King | CNN Live TV Conservative 'Moms' group slams Burger King using d-word commercial By Eric Levenson, Conservative group slams Burger King cursing ad Activist conservative group One Million Moms is taking aim at Burger King using calls d-word commercial promoting non-meat Impossible Whopper ad group people taste-test plant-based patty has been hit fast-food company. With mouthful food, one man says Damn good

Burger King Memes And Pics Straight From The Wild West Of Fast Food

Have it your way.
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Funny dank 'Leonardo DiCaprio Laughing' memes | DiCaprio Face Mask 1599 Quantity 9 Add Cart adam..creator INVEST | Superman after putting on glasses no one will learn his secret identitiy so

Dank 'Leo Laughing' Memes Are Still Taking the Internet By Storm

The perfect meme for expressing mockery.
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Facebook post that reads, "Name the 3 things you most associate with the '90s!" | Alice the 90s Name 3 things most associate with 90s! Go! | Michael Am enjoying reading all top 3s this thread but, as history buff think one thing all overlooking 90s is NineEleven? Hugely significant event should never be forgotten, imo Alice Michael Check before try sound like an expert. September 11th, 2001. Michael As history buff and nephew former history lecturer remember happening 90s but all entitled rememb

Guy Claims That 'NineEleven' Happened In The '90s, Gets Owned In Facebook Comments

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Guy's 'Aunt' Tries To Scam Him Over Facebook So He Whips Out Some Grade-A Trolling | Hello are doing? Hey Aunt Christine doing well thank is everyone doing there can now call each other and see information like Active Status and read messages. Doing wonderfully great. Hope everything is going on fine with Yep can't complain stationed San Diego. My wife and kids are back Va Okay. Good hear. Ahh ok heeere we go

Guy's 'Aunt' Tries To Scam Him Over Facebook So He Whips Out Some Grade-A Trolling

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Funny moments of James Fridman trolling | Greg> James Fridman < Hi James, will make look like bad police are on their way. boy? NO SUNGLASSES NO FANNY PACKS NO TATTOOS NO MUSTACHE

Classic Photoshop Trolls From The Expert James Fridman

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Funny rickroll meme where you have to say the opposite of six words that turns out to be "never gonna give you up" | Say the opposite of these words: 1 )Always. 2)Coming. 3)From. 4)Take. 5)Me. 6)Down. *2008 teens*
Via dragongod531337
Funny video where a son edits the end of Toy Story 3 so that it shows the toys dying, and then shows it to him mom as a prank

Kid Pranks His Mom By Giving 'Toy Story 3' A Morbid Ending

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Funny video showing a crane operator trolling a guy trying to sunbathe by moving the crane's shadow over him

Crane Operator Trolls Guy Trying To Sunbathe

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Funny Twitter thread where people talk about making hard-boiled eggs for the ball inside the mouse in the '90s | Marina Ayano K @even_kei Kids these days will never know hardships each week having overcook fresh hardboiled egg yolk computer mouse 10:18 AM 5/21/20 Twitter Web App

Oddly Specific Twitter Troll About Boiled Eggs Is A Flashback From The '90s

'90s kids are really showing their age here!
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