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#SignsYouAreSingle Is A Hilariously Relatable Twitter Game For Anyone Without A Valentine

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Every Time

Caption that reads, "Me: hey; Crush: ..." above a sign that reads, "Zero percent interest"
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Gotta Lower Your Standards, M'Lady

Tweet that reads, "It's stupid when girls say they can't find a guy, yet they ignore me. It's like saying you're hungry when there's a hot dog on the ground outside"
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Tweet that reads, "Valentine's Day is approaching! What y'all getting?" someone replies below, "A snap from Team Snapchat"
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I'm Okay I Guess

Text that reads, "Perks of dating me: Idk, I sort of like memes, plentiful amount of self-loathing, can barely construct a bowl of cereal" next to a stock photo of a kid giving a thumbs-up
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Dis Frog Got More Game Than Me

Headline that reads, "Loneliest frog in the world who spent a decade in isolation finds a mate;" someone comments, "And I can't even get a text back"
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Emily Is My Spirit Animal

Caption that reads, "We feel you Emily" above a pic of family member couples who are "Excited, expecting, engaged," and "Emily"
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*Raises Hand*
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No They Don't

Caption that reads, "Friends: You give the best relationship advice but you is that possible? Me: Coaches don't play" above a pic of a little kid looking serious
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Sad Day :(

Tumblr post that reads, "You know when your video game spouse says 'I love you' and calls you 'dear' and you tear up a little because you realize you're starved for romantic affection" followed by "This post wasn't supposed to be relatable, y'all good?"
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Dat Wintertime Mood

Caption that reads, "When you've been single for a while, but got plans that require a dress" above a pic of a guy's legs where he shaved up to just above the knee
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