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20 Relatable Single Memes For Everyone Flyin' Solo

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Shut Up, Demons!

Caption that reads, "Girl: I should really go to the gym; Inner girl: You been playin' these boys for years with this bod, you are fiiiinnee" above a pic of Ms. Piggy talking to her demon inner-self
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I'm Great Why Do You Ask

Caption that reads, "Ex: so how have you been since the breakup? Me: ..." above a pic of the Bachelorette with all of her contestants
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Mic Drop

Caption that reads, "Friends: You give the best relationship advice but you single...How is that possible? Me: Coaches don't play" above a pic of a little kid holding out his hand as if to say 'hold up'
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Lemme TELL You

Caption that reads, "Me giving relationship advice to my friends while I'm the most single person ever" above a pic of Fran from The Nanny saying "Honey, let me impart some wisdom on you"
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True That

Tweet that reads, "Single at 23: I have to go out meet someone! Single at 29: If it's meant to be the right person will find me in my home"
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Me If I Get Married TBH

Tumblr post of a conversation where a woman asks her friend, "Can you ask him if he likes me?" Friend replies, "That's your husband"
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Tweet that reads, "Who are we? Single young professionals. What do we want? For perishable groceries to be sold in smaller portion sizes"
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Truly An Accomplishment

"Bought vegetables - finished them all before they went bad"
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It's Hard Out There For A Dweeb

Photo of an Asian boy talking about how he doesn't see girls as people
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The Saddest Aisle In The Grocery Store

Sad forever alone single single af grocery shopping alone - 9144195840
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All About That Kraft Life

Funny meme about kraft singles vs human singles.
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Funny meme about the number of fish in the sea shrinking, reference to the "plenty of fish in the sea" saying about when you're single.
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It's Quite Simple

Funny meme about being single because you push everything away.
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