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Watch Adorable Christmas Elves Revolt and Then Watch Santa Get Revenge in These Weird Christmas Animations

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Santa WTF?

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Ready for December?

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This Parrot Feels the Same Way I Do About Christmas Songs After December 25th

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Instead of a PS4, Santa Brought One Little Boy a Piece of Wood With a Dong Drawn on It

little boy receives block of wood instead of ps4

Merry Christmas To All

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Ho Ho Hooooo...

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That's My Boy

web comics christmas santa That's My Boy
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These Guys Have Taken a Funny Photo With Santa Every Year Since 2006

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Barbara Carpenter is the Real Christmas Hero This Year

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I Don't Think That Was Santa

web comics santa christmas I Don't Think That Was Santa
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Santa Visited My House This Christmas and All I Got Was These Lousy Socks

christmas memes santa loves rich kids more

It's the Natural Evolution

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We Just Skip a Step

web comics santa We Just Skip a Step
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Goodnight, Sweet Prince

funny memes santa there can only be one

You Know What, Why Don't We Just Leave Out Some Cookies Instead?

web comics christmas You Know What, Why Don't We Just Leave Out Some Cookies Instead?
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