It's That Time Of Year Again

Funny tweet about a guy who originally promised to never lie to his kids, only to later determine that it is okay to tell little white lies sometimes
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Funny memes that will kill your boredom, funny tweets, hilarious memes.

19 Hilarious Memes & Tweets That'll Murder Your Boredom

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funny santa

These Hilarious Santa Pics Taken By Two Guys Are A Millennial's Christmas Dream

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Funny meme about Mrs. Claus dumping Santa for being away from her on christmas.
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Get Out Ma Way

Caption that reads, "When you're 26 and still want to go sledding" above a pic of the Grinch riding Santa's sleigh while saying, "Out of the way! I have no insurance!"
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Well Then

Clip in a newspaper that reads, "Dear Santa, why do all my toys say 'made in China'? I guess even you can't abstain from the allure of cheap labor. Oink oink you capitalist pig - Josh"
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cover image of a cat looking at santa, trying to carry groceries for your mom

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cover image of Christmas design fails, funny

13 WTF Christmas Design Fails That SOMEONE Should've Noticed

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When You're REALLY Naughty

Funny meme about santa claus with gun.
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christmas santa - 1203461

If These Dogs Visiting Santa Don't Get You Into the Christmas Spirit, Well... Then Your Heart May Be Made of Coal

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We'll Make You Talk

Funny meme about making a reindeer talk about Santa.
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This Kid Is Going Places

Funny meme about christmas and santa not existing.
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Funny meme about Santa becoming a terrorist, anime betrayal.
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The Purge Approaches

reverse lent after christmas purge
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christmas parenting santa Video - 84344321

Watch Parents Tell Their Kids the Truth About Santa, Because Everything Gets Ruined by the Internet Eventually

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christmas parody santa Video - 84284417

Liam Neeson Obviously Has the Wrong Set of Skills to Be Santa

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