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Christmas Memes for Anyone Feeling Festive

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good meme
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Funniest Christmas Eve Memes to Hang Up Your Stocking With

It's nearly time
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Jolly Santa Memes for a Dose of Festive Cheer

He's nearly here
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A compilation of funny and random memes

Memes To Help You Forgive and Forget

I am known for having a really sharp memory. I remember things that nobody else in my family or friend groups does, and I am especially skilled at remembering dates. If anyone can't recall my cousin's wedding anniversary , they know who to call. One of the only things that I am terrible at remembering is drama, especially somebody telling me about the drama in their life. For some reason, my brain does not want me to hold on to any of that; honestly, I think I'm better for it. There is little t…
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A Reddit thread debating the best Christmas movie of all time

Christmas Lovers Debate Which Christmas Movie is The GOAT

I wish I could tell you that your favorite Christmas movie says a lot about you, but unfortunately, it does not. Your favorite Christmas movie is probably just what was constantly playing on TV when you were a kid or which VHS tapes you had. If it weren't for television reruns, It's a Wonderful Life , and A Christmas Story would not have the iconic reputation they've developed. In fact, they'd probably be largely forgotten. Even though our favorite Christmas movies are more based on when we wer…
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pilk, drink, pepsi, milk, advertisement, lindsay lohan, cursed food, reaction, funny twitter

Pepsi Makes Pilk Canon With Lindsay Lohan Ad, The Internet Reacts

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cursed images, cursed food, chris maggio, photography, cursed, cringe, christmas, memes, christmas memes, santa, sketchy santas, funny, weird, eggnog, festive, what the fuck, holidays, gross, funny pics | christmas holiday wreath made of cheetos | Santa Claus standing between people sleeping on the floor

20 Cursed Christmas Images For Festive Freaks

A look at Chris Maggio's wince-worthy 'Male Chef' series
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Lord of the Rings Christmas memes, humor, holidays, funny

Tolkien Tuesday: The Christmas Edition

Yes, Lord of the Rings Christmas memes are a thing.
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funny Christmas memes | fluffy black cat wrapped up in fairy lights with a star hanging over its head. you became very thing swore destroy. jesus taking a mirror selfie Steppin out tonight, B-day flow.

17 Lit Christmas Memes That'll Really Sleigh You

Happy Holidays
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video about the Tim Allen movie about becoming Santa Claus and using math calculations to show it would suck

Here's Why Being Santa Would Actually Be Endless Torture

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Don't Judge Me, Jerk

Funny tweet that reads, "Quit side-eyeing my Santa hat. I once left my tree up til April."
Via anlyin
Funny Christmas tweets | tweet by BoogTweets Imagine finding lists with kids names and addresses some old guys house titled naughty and nice and not calling cops

24 Clever Christmas Tweets That'll Fill You With Holiday Cheer

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Funny and creepy Santa photos | group of teens dressed in alternative clothes posing with santa. u think u meeting Satan but u read sign wrong and now u here. creepy vintage photo of a woman posing with a white eyed santa

Moderately Satanic Santa Photos That Krampus Would Love

This goes without saying, but WTF?
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It's That Time Of Year Again

Funny tweet about a guy who originally promised to never lie to his kids, only to later determine that it is okay to tell little white lies sometimes
Via Painahimah
Funny memes that will kill your boredom, funny tweets, hilarious memes.

19 Hilarious Memes & Tweets That'll Murder Your Boredom

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funny santa

These Hilarious Santa Pics Taken By Two Guys Are A Millennial's Christmas Dream

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