Happy Freakin' Holidays

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Santa is a Creep When You Get Down to Brass Tacks

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By EvilLeprechaunPenguin (Via Elpp)

Gaben Only Believes in Himself

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That Poor Dog

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By Unknown

Santa the Burglar

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By DissolveTheKitten

How to Get Santa's Attention

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By Hohoha (Via Least I Could DO)

Behind the Scenes of Every Mall

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By pandafart (Via Fat Awesome)

This Happens Every Christmas

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Christmas Came Early

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Welcome to 'Murica, Santa!

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Hey Listen!

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By Derp-a-derp (Via ierdna)

Santa Hates Drunks

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By Unknown

Santa Needs Some Help

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Santa Has a New Job All Year Round

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By Unknown

Can We Hurry Up and Take the Christmas Decorations Down Already?

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By Unknown
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When Was the Last Time You Watch a Speed Drawing on Microsoft Paint?

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