Strategy Is Important

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Don't Underestimate Me

Text that reads, "I love the look waiters give me like 'she won't eat all this.' HAHA stand back and watch me Paul"
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Blame The Parents

Funny meme about kids in restaurants on ipads.
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He Attac

Caption that reads, "I feel like this crab is threatening me" above a seafood advertisement with a pic of a crab and a text blurb that reads, "Get out of London"
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The Choice Is Pretty Clear

Meme that involves three doors representing three choices: 1.) "Restart life; 2.) $5 billion; or 3.) Tell customers they're idiots without getting in trouble" - guy kicks down the third door
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A Good Death

Funny meme a bout cheese, tweets, twitter, parmesan, food, food tweets, death, drowning in cheese, twitter.
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You'll Figure It Out!

Text message from a manager saying that the restaurant is short-staffed; employee replies that it's crazy and says good luck
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"If My Card Doesn't Swipe Does That Mean It's Free??"

Pic of a creepy-looking statue in a restaurant with a big smile under the caption, "When the customer's joke isn't funny but you got bills to pay"
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Talk Dirty To Me

Funny tweet about dating.
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Funny live tweet about woman finding out about child.

Woman Live-Tweets Long-Term Girlfriend Discovering Boyfriend's Child And It's A Total Rollercoaster

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Parents Will Appreciate This

Pic of a kids' menu with options like 'I'm not hungry' and 'I don't want that'
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dogs as typical workers in restaurants

This Twitter Meme Thread Hilariously Describes Everyone Working At A Restaurant

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Meme of a dog eating some food with the caption, "When the waiter asks if they can take your plate and you still got fries on there"
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Funny memes about serving at a restaurant.

25 Hilarious Memes That Will Trigger Every Server

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wtf waiters eating out millennials tipping restaurant cheap - 5984517

Millennials Are Outraged Over Being Labeled 'Cheap Tippers'

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Power To The People

Funnymeme about pooping in restaurant.
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