If You Don't Do This You're A Novice

Funny meme about eating at restaurants.
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Funny meme about how people talk shit about food at a restaurant and sat it's fine when the server arrives.
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Funny meme about having anxiety about ordering the right thing at a restaurant
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Confessions from restaurant waiters and servers about the secrets of their jobs.

20+ Server Confessions That Will Make You Feel All Kinds Of Weird

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I'm In The Mood For Something Light

Funny meme about eating tons of chips and salsa at restaurant, picture of fat looking cat.
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You Got This

Funny meme about anxiety about ordering food at a restaurant.
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We're Looking At You, Wendy's

Funny meme about when a restaurant stops serving your favorite dish.
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Man Up This Weekend

Funny meme where a man orders a craft beer, the waiter says he shouldn't be a pussy, so the man asks for two 40 oz bottles of malt liquor to be duct taped to his hands.
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Please Tell Me About Your Specials

Funny meme where Batman looks like he is going to a restaurant to look at the menu, but will order the same thing he always does.
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Believe In Yourself

Funny meme about how if you ever feel small, just remember that a little pubic hair can shut down an entire restaurant.
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Oh Jesus

pubes restaurant Memes food - 9037816320
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This One's Gonna Work Out

Funny meme about a guy who thinks a waitress is flirting with him when she is just doing her job.
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5 Stars on Yelp

Funny image/meme of a bird flying at a restaurant table, where a waiter is waiting and pointing a water gun at it.
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This Video Explains Why Your Food Takes So Long at the Restaurant

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