Funny memes about working in customer service

20 Uber-Relatable Memes For Anyone Who Works In Customer Service

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I'm Waiting

Funny meme about refreshing yelp after getting into a fight with a customer, looking for your name.
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Funny memes about working in retail

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Funniest work memes ever

15 Of The Funniest Work Memes Ever

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Story of a cringey date

Crazy Dude Totally Freaks Out On His Date Because He's 'Stressed Out At Work'

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Yelp, funny story, restaurant review

Lying Yelper Gets Called Out After Trying To Paint Restaurant Employee As 'Racist'

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customer service memes

17 Aggravating Memes For The Disgruntled Customer Service Worker

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Undoubtedly About An Expired Coupon

Funny tweet that reads, "Some of y'all have never been yelled at by a middle-aged white lady about something wildly outside the realm of your pay grade while working in the service industry and it shows"
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funny we have food at home memes | Animal - "Can get McDonal Mom GOT FOOD AT HOME |Kitchenware - Yeah mom there's totally lot food at home ild Prego 10:00 AM-3 Feb 2012 SMART BALANCE

15 'We Have Food At Home' Memes That Describe Literally Everyone's Childhood

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Funny meme about kicking uce under the ice machine
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A Million-Dollar Idea

Tweet that reads, "Someone should make a food app that connects to your bank account and only lists restaurants you can afford, could call it 'Welp'"
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kitchen nightmares bot

This 'Kitchen Nightmares' Parody Bot Is Hysterical Twitter Gold

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Excuse Me Sir

Caption that reads, "I'll bet my entire life savings that she's standing there because she's waiting to talk to the manager" above a pic of a middle-aged woman with a short haircut waiting in a restaurant
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funny retail memes

Retail Memes For Anyone Who Has To Deal With Aggravating Customers

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Aw Yiss

Caption that reads, "When you're five years old and your parents take you to a fancy restaurant and the waiter asks what you want" above a pic of a kid dabbing on some chicken strips
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Yo Habla Bueno Espanol!!

Caption that reads, "45-year-old white ladies in Mexican restaurants after saying 'gracias' to the waiter" above a pic of a middle-aged white woman looking pleased with herself
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