Sick Burn

Text conversation where someone asks why the chicken crossed the road, with the answer "to get to the idiot's house;" then they say "knock knock, it's the chicken" to their friend
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Sorry Guys...

Tumblr post that reads, "'Men don't like that. It's such a turn-off;' good. Turn off. Where is your off button. Shut up. Please stop making noise"
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Gen Z Parenting Hack

Tweet that reads, "Parenting hack: when punishing your kids, don't take away their electronics. Take away their charger and watch the fear in their eyes as they use it less and less while the battery slowly dies"
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Not At All

Caption that reads, "When you make a joke and someone says 'That's not very nice'" above a pic of Skeletor saying "I am not nice"
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Def Gonna Try This Out

Tweet that reads, "Met a bunch of guys from Harvard yesterday and I kept pretending like I never heard of that school just to piss them of them legit turned red when said, 'Harvard? Is that like a local community college?'"
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Caption that reads, "My sister ate the leftovers I was saving so I taped this to her bathroom window. Have a nice shower sweetie" above a pic of a cutout of a guy peering into the bathroom taped to the window
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Mean But Accurate

"The I'm not interested starter pack" above texts that read, "Maybe, haha aw, niiice and ohhh"
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Pure Evil

Tumblr post where someone pulled a prank on their friend where they wrote "Do not open unless you plan to kill it" on a cup when there isn't actually a spider in the cup at all
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Ohhhh Noooo....

twitter oops mean weed funny - 9152598272
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Miss Piggy Universe trump tweet

Trump Late-Night Tweeted About 'Miss Piggy Universe' and is Getting Ripped to Shreds For it

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Probably the Safest Option, Really

web comics wishes mean Probably the Safest Option, Really
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The Troubling Origins of Oceans...

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Happy Birthday!

birthday cake mean names Happy Birthday!
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That's Not Very Nice, Guys

web comics planets mean That's Not Very Nice, Guys
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