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Scary Lokis and Nice Sprites?

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Getting Crunk On the Bifrost

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Villains Gonna Giggle

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Tony Stark's New Groove

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Superheroes: I've Made a Huge Mistake...

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Rage Comics: And That's Why I'm Grounded for Three Months

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Superheroes: Glorious Porpoise

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Art of Trolling: You Little Trickster

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CSI: Asgard

Horatio Cane - Movie - My lord, your brother has escaped! He slipped by the guards without them noticing! Sounds like he was pretty YEEAAAAHH low-key. SO MUCH PUN.COM
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When You Realize You're Not in as Much Pain as You Thought

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Well It Doesn't Now!

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Superheroes: Kneel Before the Satchels

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Superheroes: That Must Be the Biggest One!

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Superheroes: He's So Cool

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