Superheroes: Kneel Before the Satchels

Close Enough loki superheroes Super-Lols - 6500048128
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Superheroes: That Must Be the Biggest One!

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Superheroes: He's So Cool

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Loki's Burden

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Juxtaposition Win

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asgard loki sexy times Super-Lols - 6376795904
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Superheroes: We'll Be Unstoppable, They Said

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Comixed: As Heroes!

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I Know Whats On Loki's Mind

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Superheroes: I Always Got That Vibe From You, Loki

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Superheroes: Kneel and Receive Your Cuddles

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Comixed: She is a Bit of a Frost Giant

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Superheroes: Take My Heart While You're At It

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