Superheroes: Pet People, am I Right?

loki names Random Heroics superheroes Thor - 6291405056
By MBArceus

Superheroes: I'm in Love With a Trickster

best of week loki superheroes Thor - 6286214400
By SlightlySardonic

Superheroes: Come Away With Me

Awesome Art loki superheroes Thor - 6282076416
Via Brianna Cherry Garcia

I Do What I Want!

gifs i do what i want loki Memes - 6258675456
By Lord_Clure

THORSDAY?? I stealz yr thundur!!

Cats celeb danger gifs loki Thor - 6249122048
By Chaumurky

Bombed by Loki

celeb Celebrity Editio Celebrity Edition loki The Avengers - 6247481344
By CaptainAmewrica (Via scarred-lips)

Hulk vs. Loki

avengers celeb gifs hulk loki superheros - 6240030464
By Mumstalker


avengers eww feel hulk loki man naked Pure Awesome - 6228652032
By AngelicHell


captain america hilarious kid loki - 6231097088
By ncsuandrew12

Dat Hair

avengers dat ass From the Movies hair loki Thor - 6228270848
By Unknown

Soon, Tom

Celebrity Edition loki SOON The Avengers - 6206624000
By Unknown

The Avengers: Then and Now

Black Widow captain america From the Movies hulk iron man loki Movie super heroes The Avengers Thor - 6177268480
By Unknown

Sunday Bunday: Black Widow

best of week brother dat ass loki sunday bunday The Avengers what an ass - 6135186688
By Unknown

Loki's Helmet Totally Looks Like Hellboy's Horns

funny loki Ron Perlman TLL tom hiddleston - 6128032768
By Unknown

Gotta Have My Hammer, Gotta Make Thunder

FRIDAY loki norse Rebecca Black Thor - 4640072448
By Unknown
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