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When Someone Brings in Doughnuts, All Bets Are Off

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Created by TrollCat86

The One Thing You Forgot to Pack

Line Graph battery graphs funny - 7467277056
Created by Unknown


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Created by jb0590

President's Popularity

Line Graph president politics - 5234298112
Created by StarsHallelujah

Mo Money Mo Problems, Revisited

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Created by peaceandenthusiasm

You Okay?

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Holy Name Popularity, Batman!

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Created by jc2581 ( Via Reddit )

Coffee Consumption Vs. Typing Ability

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Created by Unknown

Finally We Can Know for Sure

relationship Line Graph dating - 5286055424
Created by the.punisher ( Via Wikipedia )

Hot Pockets Amplify This Graph

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Being Well Informed Isn't Worth

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Classic: They Just Go Together

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Created by Unknown

If Only They'd Listen to Me...

age Line Graph society complicated college - 7013214976
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Notice the Suspicious Lack of Big Numbers Here?

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Created by Unknown

Sadness Graph

sports Line Graph sadness - 6974845440
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It's All Downhill

Line Graph depression - 6964280320
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