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Oh, the Ignorance

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Does This Annoy Anyone Else?

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Created by Unknown

A Comment on My Weekend Social Life

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Screw You, Screwdriver

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Created by TwitByNature

Be Careful What You Major In...

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Law of Drama

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Who Am I Kidding, Definitely Tonight

alcohol Line Graph time Party - 6689878528
Created by IAmNotGonnaTellYou

Happy Medium

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Created by RedIronCrown

I Am Disappoint

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Created by cboscarino

The Dishes Have Become Self Aware and Are Replicating on Their Own

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Created by bobtron

At Least We Can Easily Identify People's Idiocy

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Created by LETHALxPANDAx69

Kiss Your Weekend Goodbye

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How to Succeed in Music Without Really Trying

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Created by Nocivos

Likelihood That I Drew This Freehand

drawing likely Line Graph - 6578201344
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Ignorance Is Bliss

Line Graph simpsons TV - 6568268032

So More Vacations, Mom and Dad?

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