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Here's a Wonderful Reason To Never Accomplish Anything

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Created by Spireal

Who Needs Sleep? Just Keep Scrolling

the internets Line Graph sleeping - 7892599296
Created by -Stella-

Damn Those Jolly Red Cups!

christmas Line Graph Starbucks - 7889754112
Created by Unknown

A Good Rule of Thumb on Powerpoint Presentations

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A Completely Accurate Reaction-Graph

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Created by flippingtables

Never Too Fast, Never Too Affordable

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Anxiety Level in Correlation to School Year

school Line Graph anxiety - 7862967552
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Looks Like Their Seasons are Devolving Before Their Eyes!

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Created by ptdspoofer

Corrected Beard Attractiveness Graph

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Created by Chewie007

Amount Of Time Having A Giftcard Before Spending It

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Created by sirpufferstien

Proof that Math Can Be Fabulous

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The Power of the Peanut Gallery

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The Economycoaster Just Gets Better with Each Twist

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Think of Them as 'Character Tattoos'

character Line Graph alive - 7685742080
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When My Cat Want's to Cuddle

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Created by nocupcake4u

Three-Star ALL the Levels!

angry birds Line Graph graphs funny - 4488556288
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