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Weirdly Enough, It Also Depicts My Future Prospects

Text - barber: what u want özil: gimme a line graph to show crude oil prices in $/barrel from 2014-2015 barber: certainly Brent crude oil price S per barrel 120 100 80 60 40 L OZIL JFMAM J J ASONDJ 2014 2015 Source: Thomson Reuters

The More You Know, the More You Hate

funny memes line graph human relationships

The Line Blurs With Beers

crazy gifs hot how i met your mother Line Graph - 5277742080
By Unknown

How Often A Device Will Work

always break day device fix Line Graph never normal person show work - 2523560960
By Unknown

clothes fashion Line Graph pants - 3882664704
By poofie11223344

You Laugh Now, But Someday These Mint Condition Toy Could Be Valuable

kids Line Graph toys - 5132596736
By cono

Ignorance Is Bliss

confidence Line Graph knowledge - 6745055744
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It's a Long Time to Play Only to Lose

monopoly Line Graph - 7135285504
Via Bite

Motivation By Season

Line Graph weather seasons winter - 7993613824
By Unknown

Prepare to Share Awkward Treadmill Stares

gym Line Graph - 7983168512
By Yourfavoritelolcat

Time to Layer Up ALL Your Wind Breaking Jackets

Line Graph weather winter - 7992140032
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You Need to Get an More Epic Pet

epic Line Graph - 7958653952
By zeldarockz102

The Key is Balancing So No One Notices

Line Graph school - 7954231296
By CapDaddy

That's Because She's FLAWLESS

beyoncé money Line Graph - 7958273024
By Unknown

What People Think of Miley Cyrus

Line Graph miley cyrus - 7944657152
By Voltricon


swag Line Graph yolo - 7939667712
By Unknown
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