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Funny meme that reads, "Xmas tip: put your boyfriend at the side of your family in case you need to remove him later" above an illustration of a family photo with the boyfriend on the side being cut out of it
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Sarcastic and shitty life hacks

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Funny and strange quotes that make no sense

Strange Quotes That Provide No Wisdom Whatsoever

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Funny parenting memes, parenting tweets, quotes for parents, quotes for moms, life hacks.

23 Parenting Memes & Pics For Anyone Who's Dealt With Little Terrors

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Funny twitter meme about Egg craft video from Facebook, makes egg bigger than before.

Bizarre And Seemingly Pointless Egg Craft Video Has Twitter Cracking Jokes

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Life hacks from Reddit

26 Clever Life Pro Tips That Pack A Punch Of That Sweet Knowledge

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Classic "Actual Advice Mallard" memes

24 Classic 'Actual Advice Mallard' Memes Full Of Clever Life Hacks

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15 Life Hacks For People With Loose Morals

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bad life hacks

12 Awful Life-Hack Tweets That We Can't Actually Recommend You Use

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Caption that reads, "When you break something and fix it just enough so that the next person who uses it thinks they broke it" above a pic of Jim from The office smiling while looking out through some blinds
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tips to act like an adult

15 Snarky-Ass Tips To Make You Look Like A Halfway-Sophisticated Adult

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Who Is This Absolute Genius?

Caption that reads, "This gotta be the greatest invention I've seen in years" above a pic of someone frying with a large soda bottle covering their hand as to not get hot grease on their skin
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Life Hack

Pics of a guy making fake Airpods out of Q-tips
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Caption that reads, "Y'all still pay for gas? Y'all dumb" above a pic of a gas dial that's been taped up to 'full'
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Gen Z Parenting Hack

Tweet that reads, "Parenting hack: when punishing your kids, don't take away their electronics. Take away their charger and watch the fear in their eyes as they use it less and less while the battery slowly dies"
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Tweet advising people applying to jobs to copy and paste the entire job description into your resume and make the text into white font so that all of the key words display to the recruiters
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