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Genius Ways Parents Duped Their Kids Into Eating Healthy Foods

Why eat broccoli when you could have dinosaur trees?
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Funny Hacks That Range From Clever to OSHA Violation

Not all life hacks are created equal
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Worker Suggests 'Mouse Jiggler' Hack to Anyone Being Tracked by Their Boss While Working From Home

When @thecorporatemama posted a satirical video poking fun at toxic managers who closely surveil how often their employees appear idle on virtual workspaces like Slack and Teams, @adriannarebekah replied with the work hack of a lifetime. @adriannarebekah #stitch with @thecorporatemama #workfromhome #wfh #wfhlife #wfhhacks #wfhcheck #wfhstruggles #wfhproblems #MaiselChallenge #MakeItGucci ♬ original sound - Adrianna Ortiz @adriannarebekah's went viral, gaining 10.8 million views, 1.7 million lik…
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Woman Starts Controversy With Canny Life Hack For Ordering Takeout Salad

Just go to the store
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Absolute Legend Explains How They Automated Their Own Position

What if you could get paid to do nothing?
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Clever scammer takes Davyn collier's truck for a test drive, instead moves couch to his home, and says he's not interested in buying

Devious King Takes Truck For 'Test Drive', Uses It to Move Couch Instead

An expert scammer.
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Employee Maliciously Complies with Boss' Absurd Productivity Metric

Many working from home have clever methods to keep them from appearing 'idle'
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Bad life hacks, shitty life hacks, bad advice, funny advice, funny memes, lol | do car starts making noises sound expensive inserting ear plugs | Life hack: if have girlfriend and hear noise outside at night and too scared go look just be like told this girl leave alone" and she'll always get up and check

20+ Questionable Life Hacks From Internet Geniuses

They're not totally wrong.
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TikToker Avoids Airline's Extra Baggage Fee With Brilliant Hack

Don't let Spirit see this
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20 Cursed DIY Projects That Really Went Too Far

Just why?
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DIY Projects That Really Don't Make Any Damn Sense

Janky repairs & questionable crafting
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Life hacks and money saving tips from Erika Kullberg

Priceless Money-Saving Tips From TikTok's Money Lawyer Erika Kullberg

She's got your back..
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Funny and bad life hacks, lol, humor

Stupid Life Hacks for People Who Want to Watch the World Burn

Burn it down.
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Twitter thread reveals how to use robocalls, scam calls, spam calls to make easy money

Game Changing Thread Shares How to Make Cash From Spam Calls

It's not simple, but it's worth it
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MacGyver-Worthy Moments of DIY Genius

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Stupid & Spicy Life Hacks For Entertainment Purposes Only

Questionable at best.
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