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Here's A Life Hack For Ya!

Tweet that reads, "If you can't think of a word say 'I forget the English word for it.' That way people will think you're bilingual instead of an idiot"
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It's Hard But Worth It

"Life hack: some people cry when cutting onions, the trick is not to form an emotional bond"
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The More You Know

Funny meme about how to get a girlfriend wikihow.
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Funny how to talk to short people meme, with rafiki from lion king, disney.
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Another Amazing Life Hack

Funny life hack about how to fix a leaky boat with your penis.
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Funny meme about using beans as laundry detergent.
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Hot Tip!

Funny meme about pee being stored in the balls.
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10 Questionable Life Hacks From Unethical People

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Life Hack

Funny meme about being lazy.
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Funny fake life hack meme saying you should release snakes into your home to kill mice/rats.
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Collection of life hack "living in 3017" memes.

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