Those Trees Stopped Being Lazy

Pic of Paul Ryan pointing at a screen that reads, "Telephone poles are trees that got a job"
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14 Witty Millennial Tweets That Exude Sheer Laziness

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Alright, Well, Good Night

Caption that reads, "You ain't leaving this kitchen until the dishes are done" above a pic of two guys sleeping in a small kitchen
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Dat Wintertime Mood

Caption that reads, "When you've been single for a while, but got plans that require a dress" above a pic of a guy's legs where he shaved up to just above the knee
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Get Out Ma Way

Caption that reads, "When I face even the slightest obstacle in my life" above a pic of a fat shiba inu making a pained facial expression
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GD Lazy Millennials

Captain Marvel trending meme where Captain Marvel says that she can't afford a house, the old lady says, "That's because your generation's lazy. Back in my day..." before Captain Marvel slaps her
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It's True, I Can't Do Anything Now

Tweet about how someone was labeled as 'gifted' in elementary school and then coasted through the rest of life with no work ethic
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30+ Amusing Memes Just To Get You Through The Day

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"Do your eyes ever randomly go out of focus and then you are too lazy to focus them back in and just stare at nothing for a while"
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The Tragic Side Of Laziness

Funny meme about being lazy.
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22 People That Took Being Lazy To A Whole New Level

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The Struggle Is Real

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9 Hilarious Times People Were 'Legally Allowed To Leave'

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lazy Memes laziness - 9090334720
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Funny meme about lazy job interview candidate.
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Ever Just Feel Like Pikachu Is Your Spirit Animal?

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