Your Parents Are So Proud

lazy cigarettes pregnant funny - 8384880896
By Unknown

Wives Are Super Helpful

marriage lazy wife husband funny - 8377680384
By Unknown

I'm Jealous

dogs gifs lazy food - 8374938880
By anselmbe

No Use in Getting Up

cranky lazy Cats funny - 8375968768
By Unknown

The Curse of the Brain

brains lazy web comics - 8376111616
Via Positive Doodles

Lazy Delivery

gifs lazy wtf - 7938140160
By SatevisM

Welcome to the Procrastination Station

college lazy funny students procrastination - 8368345344
By Unknown

I Don't Need to Leave, I'll Just Order Another Pizza

Pokémon snorlax lazy - 8350075904

The Best Time of the Year

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By Unknown

He's Not Married Ladies!

lazy Awkward funny - 8329085184
By Unknown

Not Even Once

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By Unknown

Not Sure if Lucky, Or Narcoleptic

dogs lazy funny - 8262821888
By JoeO

Dog Refuses to Walk Across The Crosswalk

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By Unknown

Why Would You Be Doing Anything Else

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By Unknown

I'm Just Too Lazy

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By Derp1231234

The Laziest Stalker

gifs lazy Cats - 8201999360
By ani.s4 (Via Youtube)