Funny meme about being so lazy you dont take the furniture out of the box, ikea | *How lazy are you? * I figured out you don't actually have to assemble these things
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That Quarantine Life

Funny meme that reads, "Me enjoying the sleep I don't deserve after a long day of doing absolutely nothing" above a photo of a little dog lying in a bed
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I Mean, Yeah

Funny meme that reads, "'I can't wait for my day off;' me on my day off: ..." above an illustration of a skeleton sleeping on a couch
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A Cause We Can Get Behind

Funny sign that reads, "Why is sleeping in considered lazy but going to bed early isn't? I am starting the #AllSleepMatters movement"
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Yeah That's Way Too Far

Funny tweet that reads, "I save tons of money shopping online because I'm lazy to go get my credit card from the other room"
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Funny meme about grandpa joe.
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Group Projects Are The Best

Funny meme about group projects.
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It's Probably Those Pesky iPhones

'Is this a PIgeon' meme where anime character represents "Parents," the butterfly represents "classic symptoms of mental illness" and the bottom text reads, "Is this laziness?"
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Um Excuse Me

"When you're trying to be lazy and someone starts being unnecessarily loud and productive around you" above a stock photo of a guy lying on a couch angrily holding up a bell
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Caption that reads, "Professional basketball player: *Misses free throw;* Me: ...What a f*cking idiot" above a pic of a fat guy sitting on a couch watching TV
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Homer Simpson Understands Me

Still from The Simpsons of Homer lying on the couch in his pajamas saying, "I love these lazy Saturdays" above another still of Marge coming in and saying, "It's Wednesday, Homer"
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Funny meme about ignoring your responsibilities in favor of bed.
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Those Trees Stopped Being Lazy

Pic of Paul Ryan pointing at a screen that reads, "Telephone poles are trees that got a job"
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