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Work From Home Memes for Antisocial Employees Who Love Daytime Pajamas and Having Their Pets As Coworkers

What's causing the Adderall shortage right now 👀
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Funny and lazy not my job moments | Walmart Saratoga Springs Old Gick Rd 13 mins O Here at store Saratoga Springs have some pretty cool people would like thank associate's name! Thanks doing such great job, associate's name appreciate WalmartFamily Fine Jewery Seubl Dapping Pou Walmart SARB Asociate ROSEN | Tennessee woman stunned new driver's license has picture empty chair CNN Wire 1 day ago Tenneccee USA DRIVER LICENSE VOLUNTEER STATE NOT FEDERAL IDENTIFICATION DL NO DOB EXP 07/24/2028 iss 0

'Not My Job' Moments of Complete Incompetence

F for Effort
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Woman Divides Opinion With Skillful Revenge On Lazy Boyfriend

Throw the whole man out
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Funny article about lying down competition, balkans, montenegro, funny

Montenegro's Got a New 'Lying Down Champion' And We Are Definitely Signing Up for the 2023 Competition

Lying down is a pretty essential part of life. Humans spend a third of their lives snoozing - hopefully while horizontal. If we're being honest, a good chunk of the rest of our time is spent lying down, awake, experiencing various degrees of s elf-hatred or binge-watching our favorite television shows. Some people are so damn good at reclining that they feel they should be rewarded with money and/or international recognition. In Montenegro, this desire is a reality. The country's ‘Lying Down Co…
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Pictures shaming ba droommates, terrible roommates, roommate fails, gross people, dirty dishes, lazy people

33 Times Terrible Roommates Were Terrible

Living alone must be nice.
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An article about Twitter discourse surrounding Fake Jobs sparked by a "Day In The Life of a Tech Worker" TikTok

Tech Worker Sparks Outrage For Having a Fake Job

Is there a significant portion of the workplace who have "fake jobs?" They send a couple of emails, sit around with nothing to do, and only exist to fill a seat? This question has been raised on social media with increasing frequency, as "Day In The Life of A [Blank] Worker" videos on platforms such as TikTok have increased in popularity.
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Funny Twitter Thread Exposes Times People Were Incredibly Dumb

We all know that one person whose lack of common sense makes you worry for their safety and wonder how they've made so far in life. I once had a roommate in college who called our landlord and complained that the washing machine was broken because the clothes kept coming out wet. Apparently he had never washed his own clothes before and assumed the washer was also a dryer. That same roommate once put his pet goldfish in a giant martini glass full of water, set it on the kitchen counter, and lef…
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30 Times Someone Didn't Take Their Job Very Seriously

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A Collection Of Amusing Images From People Who Just Gave Up

That'll do
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20+ Amusing Times Someone Couldn't Be Bothered Doing Their Job

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Funny dank memes about people who did all the work during group projects in school | Ashley Narine die want people did group projects with lower into ground so they can let down one last time. | get C+ on group project best friend girl randomly selected into group

Group Project Memes For the Students Who Did All the Work

We definitely don't miss this from our school days.
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Funny memes about painted over roach, landlord, bad landlords, wtf, fail

Lazy Landlord Paints Over Roach, Photoshop Memes Ensue

We don't make the rules, but it seems like for every good landlord, the world is obligated to birth 20+ landlords that fall into the greedy, lazy, or just plain absent category. None of this has improved during the second year of the pandemic. Some landlords can't even be bothered to request aid - they'd rather just evict their downtrodden tenants and charge someone else more rent. Sometimes, however, tales of their antics are less evil and more ridiculous. This is definitely the case for Twitt…
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Funny moments 'not my job', construction fails, funny fails | pavement paved over a rock boulder Not my job award goes | road marks on top of roadkill Winner Not My Job Award ADOT Litchfield Park, AZ 85

36 Creatively Lazy 'Not My Job' Moments

Slow clap.
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Funny pics of people who failed at their one job | pipe going through a stone wall spilling water on a bench | DENTIST ASSAULT Suspect Firstname Lastname News suspect photo

29 Cringey Times People Tried And Failed At Their One Job

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Well, My Work Here Is Done

Funny meme that reads, "*Writes the first 3 words of an essay*" above a stock photo of a guy sleeping, with text that reads, "What an exhausting day"
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Oh Darn!

Funny meme about procrastination, featuring Kermit the Frog | me: ill do it at 4 time: 4:05 me: wow looks like I gotta wait till 5 now Kermit chilling in bed
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