Shoulda Woken Up on the Right

laptop waking up - 8387112704
Created by Shroom2001

Scumbag Laptop

battery laptop rage scumbag - 8078065664
Created by Whalter

WOAH! I See a PC

PC mac laptop funny - 8033282304

It's Like It Knows When to Freeze

pr0n laptop - 7659740416
Created by TrueBC

Dear Karma, I'm Sorry

sorry laptop karma - 7637393152

Laptops, Man...

laptop battery charge laptop - 7395469312
Created by CrazyCalvinWilliams

Times Are a-Changin'

Harry Potter laptop Hogwarts iphone - 7155184128

Even if It Was, Did I SAY You Could Touch it?

laptop smudge - 7079450112
Created by -_______-t ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

First Laptop

kids laptop - 6994840064
Created by kylie925

The Pain!

Music volume headphones laptop - 6975150080
Created by BronyViolinist

The Cursor Fails to Kill the Demon

fly minecraft laptop - 6898288896

Laptop Rage!

homework rage guy essay laptop FUUUUU - 6871357952
Created by FunnyBudgie

The Pros of Overheating

computer soon sweet jesus laptop - 6763726592
Created by Erkkaheero

Yeah... Because You're Smart...

class herp derp stupid people laptop - 6822954496
Created by zzza77

Always Shut Down First

cleaning computer soon table flip gasp shut down all the things computer laptop - 6751625984
Created by DK3000

Leaving Post-its Unattended?

IRL laptop - 6769768704
Created by Prof.Bax