'You need to move': Freelancer Refuses to Give Up Comfy Seat in Coffee Shop After Being Asked to Move

'You need to move': Freelancer Refuses to Give Up Comfy Seat in Coffee Shop After Being Asked to Move

Coffee shops are the perfect place to relax, work, or meet up with friends, and although there is some debate regarding whether it's socially acceptable for people to sit down for hours on their laptop while drinking a singular coffee for 5 bucks, coffee shops allow it. This person had just moved into a new apartment and was exploring the neighborhood when they discovered a cute cafe that sold some delicious cake. So they packed up their laptop (they were freelancing) and sat down to have a cof…
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24 Wild PC and Gaming Setups That Only True Gamers Will Understand

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'Boomer dad got Boomered': Progressive CEO buys employees laptops so they can work from home, gets endless complaints from a technologically challenged older woman

Can she not Google, "how to connect two monitors"?
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Company begs employee to tell them his work laptop's password 6 months after he was fired: 'Even I can do a hard factory reset'

So incompetent
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Manager Scolds a Tech Support Guy After He's Found Fixing a Personal Laptop at Work, Gets Humiliated After Learning it's the CEO's Computer

Unless you're a good-haired CEO with shiny shoes and an entire team devoted to acting as your personal away-message, you're most likely falling at the lower end of the totem pole of company power.
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Subway Rider Puzzles Twitter by Freaking Out at Lady Working on Laptop

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Valuable Thread Explains the Necessity of Digital Decluttering

Delete, delete, delete
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Today In Things That Will Break A Macbook: A Single Grain Of Chipotle Rice

Apple products may have many strengths, but durability sure isn’t one of them. Every iPhone or MacBook user has endured the delights of smashed screens and dwindling battery life at some point or another, no matter how carefully they use their electronics. It has got to a point where the reasons for malfunctioning devices are starting to get pretty ridiculous, as @kaxamdays had the misfortune to find out recently. After eating Chipotle near their MacBook, they closed it with a single grain of r…
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All The Catty Memes That Cannibalized The Windows 11 Launch

Here we go again.
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That'd Be Nice

Funny meme that reads, "Wanna be rich enough so I can hold my laptop like this" above a photo of Ben Affleck holding his laptop in a strange way

Gotchu Fam

Funny meme about making friends while being shy; someone opens up their laptop showing Lord of the Rings in class
Via ImAFreeBitchhhBaby

My Anxiety Is Skyrocketing

Funny meme about people who keep too many folders on their computer desktop | the monsters live among us
Via MohAki1

'But First, Coffee'

Caption that reads, "Back of laptop: *exists;* College girls with stickers: ..." above a pic of someone slapping a sponge against a pane of glass
Via SwAg_LaMp

Happy Finals!

Caption that reads, "People will go to the library and pull out their laptop, textbook, agenda, multicolored pens, two calculators and a large coffee just to sit there like this for two hours" above a pic of a random fish character from Spongebob
Via peddlerofmemes

Aww What A Nice Thief

Tweet about someone's roommate, who got their laptop stolen; thief sent them an email asking if they needed any college note files back from their computer
Via anlyin

It's Genius

Text conversation where someone tells their friend that they went to a sales job interview where the interviewer asked them to sell a laptop; person takes the laptop and interviewer asks if they can have it back; person 1 asks if they want to buy it back
Via millamayne
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