Close Enough computer laptop the internets - 5869065984
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There's Probably an App for That

electric facebook laptop open that sounds naughty - 5790991616
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Specially Designed Laptop Echo Chamber

Bar Graph laptop noise - 5651638528
Created by TheMitz

Apple Fans Should Probably Avert Their Eyes

apple computers gifs laptop science sledgehammer slow motion - 5592230912
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Rage Comics: I Need to Make the Front Page, Mom!

annoying laptop mom Rage Comics - 5581659648
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Worst Case Scenario: RickRoll

laptop mac remote - 5522252800
Created by Genou55

Did You Know Dell Makes Heaters Now?

computer Heat laptop Rage Comics winter - 5518885376
Created by pwnedurface

I Don't Know What's Wrong With My Posture

laptop Rage Comics - 5451916800
Created by Unknown

JK, I Never Leave My Room

laptop Pie Chart room roommates - 5381257984
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Touch ALL the Things

Babies candy kids laptop the internets - 5371676160
Created by SirKilmoreRyan

Hope You're Feeling Lucky

google laptop marker screen - 5247227648
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Hey, Sometimes I Look Up Fancy Words My Professor Says, Man

class laptop Pie Chart - 5148120064
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coffee computer Dell laptop Like a Boss - 5168842752
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Idiot Savant Says...

apple best of week but then i idiot ipad keyboard laptop - 5143808768
Created by antihero

Socially Awkward Penguin Continues Fapping in Class

class computer fap laptop school socially awkward penguin - 5130793472
See all captions Created by Unknown

Quickly, Save ALL the Things!

Bar Graph battery charge laptop power - 5026718208
Created by Noloks_Nemesis