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Redditor Asks If She's The A-Hole For Teaching Fiancé's Family A Stinky Lesson

Sometimes malicious compliance is the way to go
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Funny times that peoples significant others did stupid things | tweet by Ria Rechtorovic @3cheers20years My bf brought back jar sea shells his Spring Break trip Florida and idk tell him some are pistachio shells | Tablet This is my wife opened her new cable Camera Computer USB charging

Amusing Times Significant Others Brought the Facepalm

Here we go.
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Funny stories of kids being stupid, stupid kids, parenting, parenting tweets, childhood stupidity | always told people met Michael Jackson But now found picture, Maann wtf Who fuck this | Philip "Not Daddy" DeFranco @PhillyD Oh good. My son put my wireless headphones plastic container water keep them safe. good good good good good good good good good good great fine wonderful

23 Funny Instances Of Kids Being Dumb

At least we can laugh at them.
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Through The Power Of The Internet, Prancer The 'Demonic' Man-Hating Chihuahua Found A Home

We love to see it
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Funny Tumblr story about two artists, Anish Kapoor, Chicago, the bean, drama, petty

Tumblr Thread Recalls Hilariously Petty Art World Feud

We love the dumb drama.
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Couriers Share Their Strangest Delivery Stories & Encounters

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Funny Facebook stories about patients from someone who works as a medical secretary | Feb 6 Patient: complains shes been waiting an hour her appointment Also patient: arrives at 130 her 2:30 appointment. Also patient woman just left, why she seen before got here first Because her appointment at 2 and yours wasn't

Medical Secretary Shares 18 Frustrating Tales Of Entitled Patients

Whyyyy are people like this
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25 Amusing Anecdotes From The Insular World Of 4chan

Some safe-for-work green text
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twitter, funny stories, kids, childhood, funny memes, parenting, funny tweets, stupid kids, funny, parents, children | Amazing School Year Planned This year plan eat burrito without cutting it in half | Mrs. Grotke BHB_ Kids make no sense. toddler watching a tablet in a funny handstand position

18 Times Kids Were Hilariously Dumb

Ah, childhood.
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Funny story of an entitled bride-to-be who wants her hair and makeup done for free | You really charge that much?! That is a lot of money!! I was hoping you would offer to do it for free... maybe as a wedding present to me. I could probably give you £10 for your travel but if you're coming to the wedding then I don't really see why I should... We haven't spoken for 10 years and the first time we do you're texting me to ask me to do your MU for your wedding for fre... I appreciate you don't have

Bridezilla Flips Out On Makeup Artist For Not Providing Her Labor For Free

Holy entitlement, Batman.
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couriers, uber eats, door dash, caviar, grub hub, delivery, service industry, service industry memes, work memes, relatable memes, customer service, memes, funny memes, essential workers, 2020 memes, tipping, funny, funny stories, seamless | Space @2kspaced Uber eats driver couldn't find my house so Reginald Lexus Look sky. Follow beacon. oh my god see | Leave at my door: My name is Yoshikage Kira 33 years old. My house is northeast section Morioh, where all villas are, and am not married work

Memes & Amusing Delivery Tales From Courier Warriors

Don't forget to tip your courier!
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Funny stories from /r/AskReddit of people who did embarrassing things | MissyDeanna 2y 34 years old and my Dad still tells following story doing dumb thing anyone willing listen 8 years old got pack Big League Chew gum hanging out garage with my Dad he saw about open gum he said Now whatever do, do not put this eye said ok won't then walked into house, went upstairs into my bathroom, chewed on ton gum, took out my mouth and put on my eye gum perfect texture sticky and stuck my eyebrow and all my

Embarassing Instances Of Absentminded Stupidity

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askreddit, reddit, stories, funny stories, work, retail, funny, yikes, employees, customer service, bosses, worst job, facepalm, wtf | r/AskReddit S u/indian_boy786 1d Top Awarded 111 102 83 S 73 74 1 is don't get paid enough this shit" moment? 65.8k 17.6k 1 Share

Employees Share Horrific & Bizarre Incidents That Nearly Made Them Quit

Get these people a damn raise
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Funny and dumb things people used to believe, askreddit, funny memes | HappyGoLuckyBoy 23h 38 Awards dark meat and white meat come 2 different birds 12 they asked as they did each year at Thanksgiving, which kind meat wanted year said Dark meat, please but feel bad l'm only one who really eats and always have get an entire second Turkey just still teased about this day at 46 years old.

Very Dumb Things People Once Believed

Here's to the gullible people of the world.
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Funny askreddit thread about stories from partners of people who sleepwalk and sleeptalk, relationships, dating, marriage | Cocamello 11.8k points 6 days ago 3 2 3 More My grandfather hard sleep talker my grandmother has funny story. One day my grandfather while sleeping saying" do punch this asshole" my grandmother replayed yeah punch him then my grandfather his sleep punched her.

Partners Of Sleep Walkers And Talkers Share Amusing Anecdotes

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Funny story about what would happen if willy wonka and harry potter were in the same universe | rasec-wizzlbang concept: willy wonka and harry potter take place same universe ministry magic haaaates Willy Wonka dear-tumb1r "Mr. Wonka Dumbledore smiled warmly, looking down into Pit his podium members Wizengamot muttered disapprovingly, shifting their seats. Willy Wonka, clad today bright magenta suit and tophat, beamed cheekily up at them his chair, his silver-gloved hands cradling his chin "Mr.

Tumblr Mashup Of Harry Potter & Willy Wonka Is Surprisingly Brilliant

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