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Rollercoaster Thread Details High School Scandals That Deserve A Piece In New York Magazine

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Funny Tweets about kids having meltdowns over stupid things, parenting, parents

Parents Share Hilariously Dumb Situations That Have Devastated Their Toddlers

When you're a kid almost everything feels like it's the end of the world. When I was 4 I became absolutely convinced that the “cool” way to eat pizza was upside down. Cheese facing plate. Ridiculous. The first time my mom took me for pizza after this idea got into my head, I attempted this method between sips of Hawaiian Punch. Once she noticed what was happening she freaked out, grabbed the slice, and tried to get me to eat it the right way. I had a meltdown so explosive that she refused to se…
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Pet Owners Recount The Dumbest Reasons They Took Their Animal To The Vet

Some ridiculous diagnoses
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ask reddit, reddit, funny comments, jobs, careers, funny stories, job application, job memes, work, work sucks, bosses, red flag | Space2345 5d they ask out no where clients can bring with Reply 6.3k stupidlyugly 5d interviewed with MetLife insurance about twenty years ago. They demanded provide them with contact list no fewer than hundred friends and family. Noped out quickly. 4.4k WineAndDogs2020 5d Sure wasn't an interview with an MLM? | once told Sometimes hourly workers go on strike and

Blaring & Subtle Red Flags People Noticed During Job Interviews

These people really dodged a bullet
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Funny tweets about recruiters failing, bad recruiters, careless, cringe, fail, work, twitter

Incredibly Inept Recruiter Inspires Fail-Filled Twitter Thread

Recruiters probably help to match a lot of skilled people with quality vacancies. But they can be incredibly annoying and sometimes even straight up careless. They cold message you on LinkedIn , promising opportunities, pretending as though they're sending a genuine message rather than just filling in the blanks of a generic template. That kind of behavior has become expected – I don't even bother opening correspondence from people with a corporate headshot. We recently covered a man whose recr…
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Funny stories about students making fun of teachers in high school, bullying, roasted

Funny Tales That Prove Students Will Roast Teachers For Absolutely Anything

They're savage.
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Funny stories about the most new york things to happen to people

New Yorkers Share the Most 'New York' Things To Ever Happen to Them

“Only in New York” is such an overused sentiment. Even as a New Yorker who often feels as though I've seen it all, something about it can feel a bit off, or self-congratulatory. But then I remember “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” and am glad that my fellow city-dwellers simply love to share stories that are often an amalgam of
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Funny and interesting stories about strange interactions with famous celebrities, icons, musicians,

People on Twitter Share Their Strangest Celebrity Interactions

When you really think about it, it's kind of strange how people obsess over celebrities, whether they're award-winning actor heart throbs, or popular musicians. It's easy to forget that they are humans, just like us. And humans are weird. Like, really weird. So it shouldn't be too much of a surprise that meeting the star of a Marvel movie might be less than explosive,. And it shouldn't be shocking that maybe that energetic musician you like is actually kind of quiet when chilling in the real wo…
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Outlandish Lies From Overconfident Deceivers

Londoner Joel Golby is fascinated with a very specific concept. He believes there is a kind of “character” who plagues small towns. And the character in question is a pathological liar. While I didn't grow up in a small town, it can definitely be alarming to witness people confidently flaunt untruths. There was the girl in my elementary school who announced that she went on a date with Jonathan Taylor Thomas over summer vacation. And, of course, I cannot forget the kid who was pen pals with The…
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Funny stories from when kids were given the sex talk, how babies are made, etc, tweets, funny twitter memes

Funny Stories From When Kids Were Given the Sex Talk

The birds and the bees.
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Funny stories about  millennials, micro-generation, tweets, twitter, middle millennials, internet

People Discuss the Unique Experience of 'Middle Millennials'

It feels like just yesterday we were learning of the group of millennials dubbed “geriatric millennials.”
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Funny story of an entitled bride-to-be who wants her hair and makeup done for free | You really charge that much?! That is a lot of money!! I was hoping you would offer to do it for free... maybe as a wedding present to me. I could probably give you £10 for your travel but if you're coming to the wedding then I don't really see why I should... We haven't spoken for 10 years and the first time we do you're texting me to ask me to do your MU for your wedding for fre... I appreciate you don't have

Bridezilla Flips on Makeup Artist For Refusing to Provide Free Labor

Holy entitlement, Batman.
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loopholes, askreddit, jobs, money, smart people, reddit, memes, funny stories, funny comments, clever, win, making money, saving money, lol, funny | paid three hundred dollars month park really pimped out van heated garage Boston. If parked front no one could see Found spot near an electrical outlet and ran line into van. Paid 10 gym across street open 24 hours so had all hot showers wanted. Served at nearby restaurant so ate most my meals free. Watched tv on my laptop with free WiFi coffee shop

Brilliant Loopholes People Exploited For Years

Props to these amateur con artists
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Funny stories of kids pitching hollywood style movies, children, twitter, tweets, spider-man, frozen, disney, creative

Dude Asks 6 Year Olds to Pitch Film Ideas, Hilarity Ensues

Kids are built different. Not just in terms of size. Their brains are uninhibited in a way that makes for increased creativity, sweetness, and, of course, humor. While their unintentionally funny moments are our favorites, sometimes, when prompted, they can really bring the gold. Twitter user George Pointon , who admits in his bio that he exploits children for likes, asked a group of six-year-olds to pitch him some new film ideas. They came through in a way that should make Hollywood feel asham…
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People Recount Funny & Traumatic Times They Were Wrongly Accused As Kids

There's plenty of injustice in the world. Every day, people are wrongly convicted for crimes they didn't commit. But while adults at least have due process to protect them to a certain extent, children aren't always extended the same respect. In elementary school, it's one kid's word against another, and adults can arbitrarily pick who they believe if they feel like skipping the whole due process thing. When comedian @itsnashflynn told a story about how she got in trouble as a kid for an egg-re…
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15+ Times Overthinking & Anxiety Saved The Day

Sometimes worrying all the time pays off in the end
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