Funny dank memes that show two mudskipper looking impressed by another mudskipper | My grandparents who just turned WiFi on and off @memebase | strip club pole dancing

Sixteen 'Impressed Mudskipper' Memes For The Amphibian Enthusiasts

The internet's newest dumb meme obsession.
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Funny meme listing the levels of hell, the deepest one being "People who reheat fish in the microwave at work"
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Twitter thread where woman reviews the accuracy of different emojis including sharks and scientists

Woman Meticulously Reviews Shark Emojis On Twitter For Their Accuracy

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17 Stupid Fishing Memes That Aren't Up For Da Bait

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First-World Rebel

Translated sign from Chinese that reads, "Do not animals;" someone comments below on Tumblr, "Oh I think I will animals"
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Henlo Mr. Skwid

Pic of a little squid in a petri dish above a poem about the squid camouflaging itself
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Who Do They Think They Are

Caption that reads, "No one: ...; Fish at the grocery store: ..." above a pic of a guy with a deadpan expression lying in a bathtub full of ice
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Pretty Much

Funny meme about seafood at grocery store.
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Caption that reads, "Teacher: has everyone got a partner? Me: oof'' above a pic of a single fish staring down a group of fish in a fish tank
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Heckin Party In The Tank

Caption that reads, "Shell boi doin' a yeehaw on electric noodle guy" above a pic of a turtle appearing to ride an electric eel in an aquarium
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Caption that reads, "IT STARTED OUT WITH A KISS, HOW DID IT END UP LIKE THIS" above pics of a puppy meeting a fish and then the fish sucks the puppy's face
Via LionLee2026
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