Mind: Blown

Funny meme where a stoned person sends a tweet wondering if crabs think fish are flying, someone asks how high he is and he responds with his height.
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Funny meme saying that biologists on wikipedia are roasting the bony-eared assfish.
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Breaking up is hard to do.

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Girl Gives Her Fish Away to a New Home and the Results Will Warm Your Heart

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Do They?

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Are Smart Fish the Way of the Future?

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Massive Inflatable Fish Attacks Guy During Half-Time Show, To The Tune of 'Eat It'

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When Magikarp Brings Reinforcements

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Make Pufferfish Great Again

make pufferfish great again
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Cannibal, the Word You're Looking for is Cannibal

web comics fish pc Cannibal, the Word You're Looking for is Cannibal
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Fish's First Piercing

web comics fish emo Fish's First Piercing
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fish bras latest trend

'Fish Bras' Are the Latest Instagram Trend

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tiny fish photoshops

Take a Look at All the Delicious Photoshops This Picture of a Little Fish Reeled In

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Crabs Are Just Hard to Get Rid of, Man...

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There's Something Fishy About This Trophy

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