He's Perfect

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It's Really Sad

Drawing of a shark in the ocean looking sad with text that reads, "The saddest part of being a shark is never being able to experience the crispiness of a Pringle"
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Funny meme about Jesus and fish.
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Move Along, Nothing To See Here

Dating app profile of a catfish pretending to be a human
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Lose This Number

Funny text meme about disappointing a fish.
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List of funny Donald Trump koi memes.

Trump Dumps Fish Food In Koi Pond, Becomes An Instant Meme

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Asking The Hard Questions

Funny meme about how fish would smoke cigarettes.
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Bad Pun Of The Day

Funny meme about puns, bass vs base, talking about first base on a date, girls in fish costumes.
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Don't Do It

Punny meme about experiencing peer pressure while diving at a great depth.
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He Is Real

Funny meme about a muscular looking fish that looks like a fish from spongebob.
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Funny relatable meme that uses and image of a fish that never leaves its burrow, what it eats is a mystery.
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