Roll film. It's time to take that reel and bring it all the way back. These cinema puns will have you watching your favorites all over again.

Collection of images featuring brilliant first lines from famous films and movies, cover photo is Quentin Tarantino in Reservoir Dogs explaining Madonna's "Like a Virgin."

25 Movies With Absolutely Brilliant Opening Lines

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Collection of promotional posters for Stranger Things, popular Netflix series season 2.

These 'Stranger Things' Posters Are A Brilliant Tribute To Classic 80's Movies

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I'm Cultured

Funny meme about how documentaries make you feel smart with pic of large brained Star Trek character.
Via ladbible

It's Avant-Garde

Funny meme from wolfgrillz about graduating from film school and filming yourself pissing on a car.
Via wolfgrillz
Funny collection of web comics or cartoons imagining famous directors as chefs, for example, Steven Spielberg, Michael Bay, Christopher Nolan and George Lucas.

Cartoons: 14 Of Your Favorite Directors, Re-imagined As Chefs

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A Classic Film Still

Funny meme - a film still from Star Wars Revenge of the Sith but it's actually an image of Shrek and his donkey friend crossing a bridge over lava.
Via Crippling Memes

Oh My God It Even Has a Watermark

You vs, the guy she told you not to worry about. Photos of the business cards from American Psycho, reading Patrick Bateman and Paul Allen.
Via Dank Memes Gang
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27 Film Plots Explained Badly

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Short Film of the Day: 'Wanderers' Imagines Future in Space

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If Disney Films Were Titled Literally

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Casting Crisis Averted: 9 Actors Who Could've Been!

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Let's Hope She Doesn't Respond Negatively to That Line

pickup line innuendo film double meaning - 7042507264
By Unknown

Señor Gif: Wooooooow!!!

camera film gifs reaction win - 6550828544
By ToolBee

Together We Can Rule Photography

film Memes photography star wars - 6480662016
By PetePete

Snow White and the Seven-Day Service

camera double meaning film Hall of Fame homophone prince prints snow white - 6185584384
By PrincessWordplay

Film Yourselves and Get Back to Me

conspiracy keanu film troll science - 5884627456
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