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A compilation of starter pack memes.

A Silly Selection of Starter Pack Memes

Who says that your favorite memes need to be current? Memes come and go so quickly these days. New memes are loved one minute and despised the next. Keeping up with the latest online trends can be exhausting and unsustainable. I have a lot of nostalgia for the 2014-2016 era of Twitter memes. Back then, there was about one huge viral meme per month that we could all really sit with. We would spend weeks developing different variations of Arthur Fist, Left Shark, and Kermit Sipping Tea memes to o…
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A compilation of memes about teaching and education for teachers.

Hilarious Teacher Memes To Spice Up The Summer Break

Teaching is one of the most misunderstood professions. Teachers sacrifice their time and energy for their students and are rarely compensated for what they deserve. Unlike many pointless email jobs, teachers actually create tangible good in society through their work. It's essential for kids to not only have great educators but great role models in their corner and teachers wear both hats. If you're a teacher, you already know all of that. What you also likely know is that there is a special hu…
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Tweets about things people are still annoyed about that their teachers did growing up | Don't Call Lady @cornmaes Replying justinboldaji 4th grade teacher called front class tell no one going want marry because so annoying being bullied hard- core and she didn't believe told her so she tried convince my mom had schizophrenia and hearing shit

Salty People Talk About the Times They Got Screwed Over In School

We'd be pissed about these things too!
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Funny tweets debating a simple math problem

Simple Fifth-Grade Math Equation Inspires Heated Debate On Twitter

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Promotional video of how a school district in Florida plans to handle the pandemic once kids go back to school

Florida School District's Reopening Plan Is Surreal AF

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Funny Twitter thread about nostalgic things from elementary school | melina melmadara smelled SO bad and were probably washed once year | bringing back weird memories elementary school running finger between tiles on a wall |

Twitter Thread About Elementary School Brings Back Memories

Those were the days.
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Funny tweets about homeschooling while being quarantined | Lurkin' Mom @LurkAtHomeMom Quarantine Day One: This could be fun always wondered would be like homeschool! Quarantine Day One [at breakfast SO HELP GOD, MOVE FOOT AWAY BROTHER'S CEREAL BOWL OR WILL FIND SCHOOL THIS COUNTRY IS OPEN AND DRIVE US THERE TODAY 2:11 pm 16 Mar 2020 Twitter iPhone 68 Retweets 381 Likes

Roundup Of Tweets About Quarantine Homeschooling From Tired Parents

Parents, you got this.
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Funny dank memes about kids staying home from school due to coronavirus | world: bikini bottom burning Schools: animals using front facing cameras | tf2 soldier smiling boosting my microphone and eating chips class group call u/heller

Eighteen Dank Memes About School During The Coronavirus Lockdown

Unfortunately, you do still have to take classes.
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Funny dank memes about schools and their negligence when it comes to dealing with bullying | mike wazowski meme kid is being bullied schools kid defends himself schools: Principal throws 2 anti-bullying assemblies staff: Well boys did Bullying IS no more.

Sixteen Dank Memes About Bullying That Schools Will Definitely Ignore

In the words of Kelly Clarkson, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger"
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Funny dank memes about school nurses |  Student: breaks every bone their body School nurse: Ice Iceaby. flex tape meme School nurse Stage four cancer band-aid

Dank Memes That Make Fun Of The Negligence Of School Nurses

Broke your leg? There's always an ice pack for that!
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Ms. Smith Is Your Permanent Name

Funny tweet about someone seeing their fifth-grade teacher and the teacher telling them they can call her by her first name
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You Gotta Say It Fast

Funny meme where Usain Bolt is running in a race and represents "LMNOP," followed by other runners who represent "ABCDEFGHIJK"

People Probably Think I'm Weird Now

Funny meme that reads, "Me overthinking how I said 'here' during attendance" above a photo of a guy staring at the ocean looking pensive
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Funny pics of kids' homework and tests where they outsmarted the teachers

Examples Of Smartass Kids Outsmarting Their Teachers

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Damn that's rough

Funny meme that reads, "Remember, if you feel bad this guy played 'grass' in his school play" above a pic of a kid lying down wearing a green costume
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Just Stab Me In The Heart Why Don't You

Funny meme that reads, "What it feels like when my mom finally takes down my macaroni art from kindergarten" above a photo of a teacher erasing a masterpiece chalk drawing from a whiteboard
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