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Clever Kid

Funny meme about a clever student who draws a little cartoon on a test question that asks students to "defend" their answers
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You're It

Funny 'Do it Again' meme about playing tag
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Funny memes about going back to school in the fall

Funny Back-To-School Memes For The Sad Student

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Funny Twitter meme about elementary school kids who ask their friends to 'look over there,' and then the friend says 'over where?'
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Funny tweet about kids in the fourth grade who used to use "look under there" as a prime insult
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Video of Lil Nas X surprising an elementary school and performing 'Old Town Road' at an assembly

Lil Nas X Surprising Elementary School Kids With 'Old Town Road' Is Heartwarming AF

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Those Square Pizzas

Caption that reads, "Today in 1997 your school served you this for lunch and you were excited about it" above a photo of square pizza in a pan
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12 Salty People Share The Most Moronic Things They Got In Trouble For In School

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Every School Assembly

Caption that reads, "Presenter: Good morning everyone! Seven-year-olds: Good morning; Presenter: Let's try that again. GOOD MORNING EVERYONE! Seven-year-olds: ..." above a pic of an old cowboy yelling
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This Is All Of Us

Tweet that reads, "In elementary school when we would have read out loud to the class from the textbook I would literally count the kids in front of me and figure out what section I was reading so I could practice it before it got to my turn and I think that's where my anxiety started"
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All over it!!!!

Pic of a sign that reads, "N - never; U - underestimate; T - teachers; Nut all over your school!!!"
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Sh*t Was So Cool Back In The Day

Caption that reads, "Fifth graders when someone acts like they're smoking a cigarette by exhaling in the cold" above a pic of a guy laughing hysterically
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15 Fresh And Dank Memes For The Spice Lovers

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Caption that reads, "'Are you smart? Spell it;' Third-grader: 'S-M-A-R-T;' 'I said spell IT;' Third-grader: ..." above pics of a little kid having a meltdown
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So Real

Funny meme about second grade art teachers.
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Weird Kids: Why Did You Do This

Caption that reads, "Everyone knew that one weird kid in the class that would run down the hallway like this" above illustrations of a kid running with his arms swung back
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