He Didn't Stand A Chance

Pic of someone playing cards with an egg with the caption, "Recipe wanted me to beat an egg. Y'all already know what's about to go down"
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Creative Vocabulary

Funny meme calling eggs butt nuggets.
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Deal Breaker

Funny meme about chicken leaving date because his date ordered scrambled eggs.
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We've Come So Far

Meme about how far we've come as free Americans, photo of a man in an American flag swimsuit with a fake face on the back of his head while making breakfast.
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Totally Normal

Funny screenshot meme, one person sent a photo of a fried egg on top of a mac charger and then says it was sent to the wrong person. The recipient asks what kind of conversations they are having.
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Now This is How You Win an Egg Drop

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The Perfect Uses For Shaving Cream Cans


Why Bother Walking Anymore?

web comics pokemon go eggs Why Bother Walking Anymore?
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The Galaxy Is on Orion's Belt

Aliens eggs funny - 8818415360
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Joy Is Being with Friends

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Well, That Escalated Quickly

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Old MacDonald

breakfast eggs food web comics - 8765858048
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Over Easy

kirby eggs video games nintendo - 8763308544
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In His Defense, His Buddies Probably Egged Him On

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Put Yourself Back Together

web comics puns eggs Put Yourself Back Together
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They Probably Could Have Saved Money Doing That at Home

web comics chicken eggs They Probably Could Have Saved Money Doing That at Home
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