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Cursed Food Images That'll Destroy Your Appetite (40 Disturbing Photos)

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Funny twitter meme about Egg craft video from Facebook, makes egg bigger than before.

Bizarre And Seemingly Pointless Egg Craft Video Has Twitter Cracking Jokes

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wtf funny stories eggs facebook water cooler facebook marketplace selling sale for sale - 8290565

Guy Selling His Water Cooler For Exactly Two Eggs Turns Into An Egg-ressive Bidding War

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Easter egg memes, easter bunny memes.

35 Eggy Easter Memes That Aren't Very Holy

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Caption that reads, "Five beds and about 10 comfy chairs in this house. So where do you sit? ON THE F*CKING EGGS" above a pic of a cat sitting on top of a cartoon of eggs
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Well, That's One Way To Put It

Pic of a sign that reads, "Butt nuggets for sale, fresh" with a pic of a chicken
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dumb memes, dads answering the phone by saying yellow, the pink panther not getting any texts

27 Dumb Memes To Help Start Your Week On The Right Side Of The Bed

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Just A Little Wind Chill, That's All

Caption that reads, "Canadians: whatev, it's not even that cold out; Canada: ..." above a pic of a cracked egg frozen on the sidewalk
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Funny memes, egg, instagram, kylie jenner.

Egg Memes Are Exploding After Kylie Loses Instagram World Record

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Funny subway saga, hard boiled eggs, sara davis.

Cringey Thread About An NYC Commuter Is A Public Transit Nightmare

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Uh, No Thanks

Caption that reads, "Vogue actually printed this crazy diet in the 1970s" above a disgusting diet that features hard-boiled eggs, wine, coffee and 50z of steak per day
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Funny memes for a quick distraction from your boring day

25 Distracting Memes For When You Want To Waste Your Time

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Now On Clearance

Funny meme about your body being an advertisement for your sperm or egg.
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Funny and gross food memes.

29 Food Memes That Might Eliminate Your Appetite

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Funny and surreal egg memes.

17 Super-Weird Egg Memes That'll Crack You Up

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He Didn't Stand A Chance

Pic of someone playing cards with an egg with the caption, "Recipe wanted me to beat an egg. Y'all already know what's about to go down"
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