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26 Memes Served on the Double, Lickety Split

And make it squeal!
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20+ Egg Memes That Are Just Yolkin' Around

Eggscuse me?
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'Millennials are itching to treat Gen Alpha the way Boomers treated them': Mean mom mocks daughter for not knowing how to boil eggs, gets dragged by the internet

Teach her a lesson
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Weekly Internet Roundup: Head Cracked Eggs, Billionaire Anti-Aging, and Plane Freakout Lady Speaks

Also, Selena Gomez wraps herself in a blanket.
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23 Eggcelent Memes to Yolk Around With for National Egg Day That'll Crack You Up (June 3, 2023)

23 Eggcelent Memes to Yolk Around With for National Egg Day That'll Crack You Up (June 3, 2023)

You gotta crack a few eggs to get a good meme.
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Food Memes To Quell The Hunger

It's eating time
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Funniest Memes About Skyrocketing Egg Prices

We're cracking up
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Weekly Internet Roundup: Abandoned Pigs, Dead Friendships, and Mighty Expensive Eggs

Embracing that January cheer.
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An Eggcellent Assembly Of Egg Memes For Protein Lovers And Trying Times

Cracking up
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disgusting cooking hack trending on tiktok, steak and eggs cooked with matches

Disgusting Viral TikTok Trend Where People Cook an Egg on Matches or Stick Matches Into a Steak to Cook It Will Kill Your Appetite

Why would you ruin a perfectly good steak like that??
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funny responses to viral tiktok video of cracked egg underwater

"Mmm Land Caviar": Viewers Respond Hilariously to TikTok Diver Who Accidentally Feeds Raw Egg to a Fish

TikToker @shangerdanger posts wholesome videos of himself and his partner diving in the ocean cleaning up, looking at shells, or just hanging out with cute little sea creatures. Recently, however, the TikTok creator heard somewhere that if you cracked an egg at the bottom of the ocean “something crazy happens.” The video shoes him cracking the egg and it floats around with him and then at the end, he gets trolled by a little fish. @shangerdanger My egge friend ❤️🥚 ♬ original sound - CEO of the…
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Wait - Some Of You Are Getting Engaged?

Funny meme about broke millennials getting engaged, danny devito, can i offer you an egg trying time
Via u/elleohelle94
Funny Twitter thread where people talk about making hard-boiled eggs for the ball inside the mouse in the '90s | Marina Ayano K @even_kei Kids these days will never know hardships each week having overcook fresh hardboiled egg yolk computer mouse 10:18 AM 5/21/20 Twitter Web App

Oddly Specific Twitter Troll About Boiled Eggs Is A Flashback From The '90s

'90s kids are really showing their age here!
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Smart Move

Funny news headline that reads, "Tom Holland just bought 3 live chickens because there's no eggs left in supermarkets" | improvise adapt overcome Bear Grylls
Via LeoSenior
Funny dank memes entitled, "What, you egg?" | bit from a shakespeare play where someone gets stabbed after calling somebody else an egg, followed by english teachers reaction depicted by kermit looking forlornly out of a window. another meme is a waffle labeled with the line from the play, with a content looking cat sitting next to it labeled as english teachers

'What, You Egg?' Memes Roast High School English Teachers

*Something something something* blue curtains!
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Funny and cute video of a dog being protective over an egg

Video Shows How Weirdly Protective Dogs Are Over Eggs

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