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Weekly Internet Roundup: Husband Nachos, Bluesky Invite Codes, and a Totally British Non-Fugitive

Also, Elon's burner account is even weirder than we could have guessed it would be.
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A compilation of memes about True Crime shows and podcasts

True Crime Memes For Morbid True Crime Fanatics

There are a lot of true crime haters in this world, and frankly, I get it! Not everybody has the temperament and the willpower to watch or listen to hours of painstakingly long and graphic content about murders . When I was a teenager, I was far more interested in true crime documentaries about kidnapping cases like Jaycee Lee Dugard or Elizabeth Smart than I was in serial killers. I was a casual 20/20 viewer, but that would rarely get as intense as the true crime media we see dominating today'…
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Twitter Reacts to Allegations Against 'Rick and Morty' Co-creator Justin Roiland

I turned myself into a scumbag, Morty!
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A compilation of memes about American Psycho and Patrick Bateman

Patrick Bateman Memes For American Psycho Superfans

I have to return some videotapes
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Criminal Tweets From People With Nothing to Lose

As much as some people would like it to be, crime isn't black and white. There's nuance to breaking the law. Just look at the stories of Les Miserables or Robin Hood. The protagonists are thieves, one steals to feed his family, and the other to provide for the over-taxed and suffering poor. They're people, and crimes, we can sympathize with. While I don't think that murdering someone or burning a home down is chill, there's some law-breaking (and jokes about it) that at least inspire a bit of a…
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A compilation of check your children's Halloween candy tweets

The Funniest "Check Your Kid's Halloween Candy" Tweets

The local news : one of my favorite sources of misinformation. For the past 10 years (and honestly, probably even longer than that), every local news station in the country has recycled the same tired warnings about drugs or razor blades being snuck into their children's Halloween candy. They broadcast images of colorful candy-like substances and tell parents to watch out, as drug dealers are dead set on secretly imbuing these devilish substances into the bodies of innocents. Of course, this is…
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An article about a woman who got ratio'd on Twitter for claiming that criticisms of true crime are rooted in sexism.

Woman Claims Sexism Is Cause Of Backlash Toward True Crime, Gets Roasted On Twitter

True crime has been among the most popular podcast genres over the past decade. Unlike shows like ‘Law & Order SUV,' which depicts police attempting to solve fictional crimes, true crime media is focused on crimes that actually happened. While true crime documentaries and books have been popular for decades, true crime podcasts are a more recent phenomenon that has blown up in popularity over the past five years. However, true crime has not been without criticism, with detractors calling it cav…
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Jean Valjeans of Reddit Share What Is Deemed "Okay" To Steal

Many people are in agreement that stealing is bad. But most of those people are narcs. You know, parents, teachers , business owners. When I was younger I was into shoplifting. I would lift makeup from corporate drugstores and give the goods to girls in my homeroom in the hopes of making friends. The friendship thing didn't really pan out, and eventually I got caught trying to pocket some Maybelline mascara. All I was left with was CVS-related PTSD and anxious flashbacks whenever “Soak Up the S…
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Funny conspiracy theory about Phineas and Ferb criminals, money laundering

Entertaining Theory Suggests Phineas and Ferb Were Money Launderers

Phineas and Ferb: Criminal Masterminds
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Man Alleges Scammer Tried To Sell Girlfriend “Stolen” PS5

All this for a console?
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Florida man headlines and moments | Just another day Florida Florida man claims he only drank at stoplights, and not while driving ARRESTED DUI EARLE STEVENS | Florida man gets out jail, immediately steals car prison parking lot: cops K @_ksteez People Florida act like life is GTA game

20+ Mind Boggling Florida Man Moments

There always seems to be something happening in the sunny state of Florida. Perhaps it is that there's something in the water. Or maybe the occasionally oppressive sunshine affects peoples mental well-being. Whatever the cause, pretty much everyone knows there has to be a reason that "Florida Man" headlines are so absolutely unhinged and insane. The news in the United States is consistently flooded with wild, crazy, and often depressing tales of dumb criminals committing very strange crimes. An…
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YouTuber Recovers Stolen Car and Reveals What Robbers Left Behind in Funny 'Unboxing' Video

Just four days after YouTuber Blake Rosier 's car got stolen, the police recovered the vehicle and arrested the bandits, but that wasn't the end of it. The car thieves left behind a chaotic mess of bizarre novelty objects, illegal drugs, food, clothing, and a bunch of other crap. Rosier documented the contents of his recovered car in a hilarious “unboxing” video. In the video, Rosier examines a handsaw and a pile of Smurfs as he wonders whether the thieves knew who he was and did it as a prank .
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True Crime Fan Splits Opinion By Prepping For If She Goes Missing

It's thorough
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Funny Memes That Live At The Intersection Of Law And Crime

Lots of criminal dumbness in this dump.
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Influencer Gets Roasted for Incriminating Herself After Armored Car Spills Cash Onto Freeway

Free money or felony waiting to happen?
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Woman’s Wild Tale About Meeting Her Spouse Leaves People Open-Mouthed

If there’s one thing that romcom culture has taught us, it’s that love moves in mysterious ways. Sometimes, the person who ends up being your soulmate is the exact opposite of who you might expect, and relationships can be formed out of the most unlikely of circumstances. This prospect has been brought to the attention of Twitter recently, when singer Ari Lennox asked people on the site how they had met their partners. She was met with thousands of responses, but one in particular stood out: @c…
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