Cookies are life. Especially if you're Cookie Monster. Take a dip and a nice big bite of these delicious cookie puns and jokes.

They Always Getcha

Trojan Horse meme where the inside of the Trojan Horse is raisins, the big doors are 'My mouth' and the outside of the horse is 'Cookie that looks like it's chocolate chip'
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Sir I Don't Know What You're Talking About

Star Wars meme where the character is saying, "What about the midnight attack on the cookies?" Under the caption, "My personal trainer trying to explain to me why I haven't lost any weight"
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A Vicious Cycle

Comic about eating cookies and milk
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Funny memes about food, weed, 4/20.

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Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover

Funny meme about alien cookie jar, when people think you're mean but you're actually very sweet.
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Classic Grandma

Funny meme about grandmas using cookie tins for stuff in their houses.
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They Have Feelings, Too

How vegans see gingerbread men - one half of the cookie is decorate to have organs and bones.
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Just In Time for New Years Resolutions to Be Ruined

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Wow, Accurate

disappointed 2016 cookies image - 8998915328
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What Is This?

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F**k It, Shortcuts Rock

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Deposit Cookies in the Proper Receptacle

recycling graffiti cookies Deposit Cookies in the Proper Receptacle
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