Cookies are life. Especially if you're Cookie Monster. Take a dip and a nice big bite of these delicious cookie puns and jokes.

Best Sugar Cookies

food cookies - 8258428416
siri technology math Video cookies - 72343041

Siri Will Bring the Sass if You Ask What 0 Divided by 0 Is

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Hamster Steals Some Treats

gifs critters hamsters cookies - 8507465216

Love is Complicated

Via Rain Dog Comic

Ridiculous Servings

yao ming oreo cookies - 6995158784

I Think I Know Where This is Going

mindwarp gifs milk Oreos cookies - 8490700544
Created by anselmbe


cookies firefox hilarious - 5337807104
Created by Thatoneguy9495

Another Opinion About Life

life sad but true cookies potatoes web comics - 8138164480

This Squirrel Loves Fortune Cookies

gifs critters squirrels cookies - 8484540928

warm but not hot not soft but not hard

mother of god me gusta cookies - 6851117824
Created by clarinet97

Both at Once is Better Anyway!

cookies food digiorno dinner pizza - 8143875072

The Cookie is a Lie.

raisins cookies - 7689421056
Created by Unknown

Cookie Doe

cookies doe dough homophone literalism shape - 4364505856
Created by hermionehp100

Moody cookie Totally Looks Like Kevin Spacey

actor cookies food kevin spacey - 4027185664
Created by batmamma

The Struggle is Real

gifs struggle Cats cookies - 8464498432
Created by anselmbe

So That's Where Shame Cookies Come From

Via McSweeneys