Cookies are life. Especially if you're Cookie Monster. Take a dip and a nice big bite of these delicious cookie puns and jokes.

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"Y'all really be living IBS free": Viral Midwestern Recipe for McDonald's Dessert Casserole Generates Mixed Opinions

It... could be worse
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Horrible Person Asks Roommate To Pay For Cookies Made With The Roommates Ingredients

Does she have no shame?
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A compilation of funny memes about baking by bakers

Baking Memes For Christmas Cookie Aficionados

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Amusing Thread Mulls Over Confusing Christmas Cookie Cutters

What are they?
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A compilation of funny and random memes

Dumb Memes For Your Smooth Brain

Intelligence is fluid, and baby, my brain is extremely dry right now. I find it extremely funny when adults go around touting their high IQ scores from tests they took as prepubescent boy geniuses. I honestly believe there is no such thing as static, unchanging intellect. Being smart is something that you work at every day for your entire life, and as my Lyft driver from last Thursday said, “if you don't use it, you lose it.” The constant
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Subway Worker Prompts Debate After Complaining About Having To Bake Cookies

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Informative Thread Explains What Cookies Are and What It Means to Accept Them

Websites are always demanding us to accept their cookies, but what if we don't want any cookies? What are cookies anyway? They're certainly not delicious sweet and buttery treats. They're something invisible and mysterious. Twitter user @wtfjummy recently tweeted, 'I be on websites accepting cookies not even knowing what that is' and we felt that. Luckily, people in the replies were right there with answers. Keep scrolling to see some mildly informative explanations and whether or not you should
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I Poop, Therefore I Think

Funny meme about forgetting your phone before getting on the toilet, philosophizing, cookie monster | When you forget to bring your phone to the toilet so you start philosophizing- Without my cookies, I'm just a monster.
Via u/BLAviken14

You Can Pry It Away From My Cold, Dead Hands

Funny Lord of the Rings Elrond meme about eating raw cookie dough and the CDC advising against doing that | Raw Cookie Dough CDC Cast it into the oven! Bake it! Me No
Via Dragongurl392

Dang It

Funny meme that reads, "When you've eaten a whole box of Thin Mints and you're still not thin" above a pic of Baby Yoda looking sad
Via Beautifulbeard
Funny tweets roasting the supreme oreos | Supreme Saint @TheSupremeSaint SUPREME SAINT Supreme x @Oreo Coming Soon. Supreme | tweet Tug Boat @justablackboy 1d Replying TheSupremeSaint and @Oreo But will make my poop red Q 12 2,217 2751 Iqball @Masiqballl 1d Ya poop gonna be supreme box logo 27 183 13 6,150

Supreme Announces Oreo Collaboration Nobody Asked For

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Funny video bit from Sesame Street with Kermit the Frog and Cookie Monster

This Sesame Street Bit Is Still Hilarious

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Yeah I'm Dippin' Out

Caption that reads, "'In order to use this website you will have to disable your adblocker;' Me: Guess I'll just leave then" above a stock photo of a woman saying goodbye
Via WorkThatSuckaToDeath
guys reacts to oreos you fill yourself

Tumblr Guy Totally Loses It When He Finds Out That 'Moreos' Are A Thing

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They Always Getcha

Trojan Horse meme where the inside of the Trojan Horse is raisins, the big doors are 'My mouth' and the outside of the horse is 'Cookie that looks like it's chocolate chip'
Via JamesONarwal

Sir I Don't Know What You're Talking About

Star Wars meme where the character is saying, "What about the midnight attack on the cookies?" Under the caption, "My personal trainer trying to explain to me why I haven't lost any weight"
Via PurpulHayz
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